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OTSTEC-China's Leading Circular Glass Elevator Manufacturing Company

OTSTEC-China's Leading Circular Glass Elevator Manufacturing Company

OTSTEC provides you with efficient, safe, and unique design glass circular elevators. Our circular glass elevator adopts a microcomputer control system, which makes its reliable and comfortable internal quality harmonious with the exquisite craftsmanship visual beauty. We have a variety of standard products and personalized styles tailored to different customer preferences, which can meet the diverse needs of customers,OTSTEC circular glass lifts are exquisite works of art, which give the building personality and vitality, and make it more fluid Beautiful scenery,It can be used in high-end places such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, residential buildings and public buildings. If you are looking for a suitable round glass elevator, we are very happy to receive your inquiry request.

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Good Circular Glass Elevator Quality

OTSTEC is your leading circular glass elevator manufacturing company in China. In order to further meet the needs of the building, we have adopted an advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, which has the characteristics of low noise and low vibration, and the combination of the continuously improved microcomputer network control frequency conversion speed regulation method, which greatly saves space and improves The layout of the elevator shaft improves the space utilization rate, thereby greatly reducing the construction cost, making the elevator running more smoothly and quietly, and bringing passengers a more comfortable riding experience.

Preferred materials
Various surface materials and accessories are carefully selected. The round glass elevator adopts high-safety laminated glass car wall material, which can effectively sound insulation. It is finely crafted through multiple processes. The metal material is hard and durable.
Innovative design
Our circular glass lift adopts a large area of car wall glass, which creates an excellent viewing field. The appearance design has smooth lines, which adds infinite beauty to the building during the transportation process.
We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, focusing on various elevator decoration engineering operations, and the quality is reliable. We have the strength and experience to provide you with a perfect solution for your circular glass lift.
Custom processing
We have engineers from Germany to customize your own circular glass elevator, which can be integrated with your building and meet your preferences. More than 20 countries around the world have enjoyed our round glass elevator customization service.


Production Flow

OTSTEC has advanced modern production equipment and instruments, as well as strong management and technical strength, which ensures that we can assure you that our circular glass elevators are of very high quality.

Quality Checking
Quality Checking

Thoughtful Circular Glass Elevator Service

After-sales service team

We have our own professional after-sales service team. They have strong collaboration capabilities and can solve problems for you in time. You don't have to worry about our after-sales service.
Competitive price

One of our goals is to help our customers build elevators that satisfy them. Price is also an important part of it. Therefore, the prices we provide are very moderate and highly competitive.​​​​​​​
Installation support

If you have purchased our circular glass elevator, you don't have to worry about the installation problem. We provide installation support, mobile phone, video or send someone to help you install it.

Our circular glass elevators are all safety-licensed, with professional certificates, and our elevators have passed multiple quality inspections, so you can use them with confidence.
The best choice for stability and convenience​​​​​​​
Make housing more convenient

Humanized hospital elevator

The best choice for large-capacity cargo elevator

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Circular Glass Elevator
No matter what type of circular glass lift you want to use, OTSTEC will always be there to help you. Just contact us for support, information and advice.

We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and 
escalator field.




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