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Criss Cross Escalator

What is a Criss-cross Escalator?

A criss-cross escalator is a type of escalator that has two sets of stairs that cross in the middle. This allows for more efficient use of space than a traditional escalator and can also be used to create interesting visual effects. Criss-cross escalators are often used in shopping malls and other public places where many people need to be moved efficiently.

What are the Different Types of Escalators?

Step Type Escalator

The standard escalator today is the step-type escalator. As the name suggests, this escalator type has steps, usually made of metal. However, some older step-type escalators have wooden steps. In addition to going up and down, step-type escalators can also be flat or have a second set of steps that goes up or down. This makes them versatile and able to accommodate a variety of needs. While they may not be as flashy as some of the newer designs, step-type escalators are reliable and easy to use, making them a staple in many commercial and public buildings.

Wheelchair-accessible Escalator

As anyone who has ever used a wheelchair knows, navigating stairs can be a difficult and dangerous task. Fortunately, there are now escalators that are designed to be accessible for wheelchair users. These escalators have an attendant who will stop them if someone in a wheelchair needs to use them. Once the wheelchair is on the escalator, it will be put into a particular mode. Three steps will level out, forming a platform. After that, some spikes will come out of the step closest to the lower landing of the escalator, preventing the passenger's wheelchair from rolling off the platform. This innovation has enabled people with disabilities to access public spaces.

Belt Type Escalator

According to Reno's patent, the belt was driven by a steam engine, though it's unclear if any such escalators were built. In any case, the belt-type escalator soon fell out of favor, replaced by the more common stair-type escalator. Today, very few examples of belt-type escalators are still in existence, making them a rare and fascinating glimpse into the history of this now ubiquitous mode of transportation.

Cleat Type Escalator

The cleat-type escalator was one of the first escalator designs. It featured cleated metal treads that were slanted. This design helped move passengers up or down a slope without needing stairs. However, it was later replaced by the belt-type escalator, which is more efficient and easier to use. The cleat-type escalator is not known to exist anywhere in the world today.

Spiral Escalator

Most escalators have a straight up-and-down design, but the spiral escalator is a unique alternative that features curved steps. Mitsubishi first manufactured this escalator type in 1985, offering several benefits over traditional methods. First, the spiral shape helps to reduce the amount of space needed for the escalator, making it ideal for crowded areas.


The Levytator is a new type of escalator that can curve multiple times in either direction. There are two escalators, which share a continuous loop of steps. The two escalators can curve differently. A working prototype has been built, but currently, the inventor is looking for a company to mass-produce and sell the new type of escalator. The steps are uniquely-shaped. This allows the escalator to change directions without stopping or reversing.
The Levytator is also more energy efficient than traditional escalators. It can operate in either direction, so it does not need to stop and start constantly. This makes it ideal for crowded areas with a lot of foot traffic. The Levytator is an innovative new product that has the potential to revolutionize the way people move through overcrowded spaces.

Different types of Escalator Installation Arrangements

Single Escalator Arrangement (One-way Traffic Flow)

The single escalator arrangement is used in small buildings and commercial centers where there is insufficient space to install two escalators beside each other to provide two-way movement or where travel in one direction is intended. In this arrangement, the outside cladding would be required on both sides of the escalator located in the center.
However, if the escalator is installed against a wall, the exterior cladding will only be needed for one side. This arrangement offers many benefits to both building owners and users. For example, it eliminates the need for two separate escalators, which can save on costs and maintenance.
It also offers a more efficient way of moving people through a space, as there is no need to wait for an escalator going in the opposite direction. As a result, the single escalator arrangement can be an excellent option for small buildings and commercial centers looking to improve their efficiency and bottom line.

Parallel/Interrupted Arrangement (Two-way Traffic Flow)

In a parallel arrangement, escalators are placed side by side so passengers can quickly move between them. This arrangement is often used in airports and shopping malls, where there is a lot of foot traffic. Interrupted formats are more common in office buildings, where the escalators are spaced further apart.
This type of arrangement can be more efficient, as it allows more people to use the escalators simultaneously. However, it can also be more challenging to navigate, as passengers have to walk further to reach the next escalator. In a two-way traffic flow arrangement, escalators are placed in opposite directions so passengers can travel in both directions.
This arrangement is often used in subway stations and other busy areas. Two-way traffic flow can be more efficient than a parallel arrangement, as it allows more people to use the escalators simultaneously. However, it can also be more challenging to navigate, as passengers have to walk further to reach the next escalator.

Scissor Arrangement

The scissor arrangement is a great way to save space without sacrificing efficiency or style. This arrangement is perfect for areas with premium width, as it uses every inch. Additionally, the scissor arrangement is ideal for spaces with high traffic volume, as it helps to reduce crowding at landings. Not only does this arrangement look modern and attractive, but it is also highly efficient, making it the perfect solution for any space.

Crisscross Arrangement

The crisscross arrangement is a type of escalator arrangement that has a unique advantage. This advantage is that, by adjusting the escalator's direction of movement, it is possible to operate it in a continuous or interrupted arrangement. While this can be beneficial, especially in commercial centers, it also has disadvantages.
The disadvantage is that the crisscross arrangement blocks the view on the other side of the void. This can be problematic for people trying to view something from the other side. In addition, the crisscross arrangement can also be more challenging to maintain and keep clean.
OTSTEC-World-class Manufacturer of Criss Cross Escalator

OTSTEC-World Class Manufacturer of Criss Cross Escalator

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