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Top Elevator Companies in Japan (2023 Lasted)

When it comes to elevators, Japan is known for its advanced technology and top-notch manufacturers. In this blog, we will take a deep dive into the elevator industry in Japan, exploring the role of elevators in the country's infrastructure. We will also introduce you to the top Japanese elevator manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, Fujitec Co., Ltd., Kone Japan Co., Ltd., and more. You will learn about the range of services provided by these companies, such as installation, maintenance, modernization, and residential and commercial solutions. Additionally, we will discuss how to choose the right elevator company in Japan by considering various factors. So if you're interested in elevators or planning to install one in your building, keep reading to discover what sets Japanese elevator companies apart from the rest.

Understanding the Elevator Industry in Japan

The elevator industry in Japan is a vital sector that plays a significant role in the country's infrastructure. Leading manufacturers in Japan are at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations in the field. The Japanese market is governed by stringent safety standards and regulations, ensuring the highest level of safety for elevator passengers. With promising market trends and future prospects, the elevator industry in Japan continues to thrive and contribute to the country's development.

The Role of Elevators in Japan's Infrastructure

In Japan's densely populated cities, elevators are a vital component of efficient vertical transportation. This is particularly significant due to Japan's rapidly aging population and the need for accessible infrastructure. As a result, there is a high demand for elevators in the country. Japanese elevator manufacturers are renowned for their commitment to cutting-edge research, advanced technology, and innovative designs. These manufacturers prioritize safety, reliability, and energy efficiency when developing their products, ensuring that they meet the highest standards in the industry.

Top Japanese Elevator Manufacturers

Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation, Fujitec, and Otis Elevator Japan are among the top Japanese elevator manufacturers. Hitachi is known for its efficient and innovative designs, while Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of elevator models with advanced technology. Toshiba specializes in high-speed elevators and escalators, Fujitec focuses on environmentally friendly designs, and Otis provides reliable and efficient elevator systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation




 (+81) 3-3218-2111


Tokyo Building, 2-7-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8310, Japan

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation - otstec

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a highly reputable elevator manufacturer based in Japan, is renowned for its commitment to innovation and the production of top-quality products. With an emphasis on safety, efficiency, and comfort, Mitsubishi Electric offers a diverse range of elevator models that cater to different types of buildings. The company has built a strong reputation for its exceptional customer service and reliable after-sales support, ensuring that clients receive the best experience throughout their elevator journey.

Hitachi Ltd.

Hitachi Ltd. is a prominent elevator manufacturer based in Japan, known for its cutting-edge technology and dependable performance. The company offers an extensive lineup of elevator models that place a strong emphasis on passenger safety and comfort, while also incorporating energy-efficient and eco-friendly features. With a global presence, Hitachi Ltd. has established itself as a trusted brand not only in Japan but also across the world, providing reliable vertical transportation solutions for various buildings and infrastructure projects.

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation

Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation is a renowned elevator manufacturer based in Japan. They are highly regarded for their cutting-edge technology, dependable performance, and energy-efficient solutions. Their extensive range of elevator products caters to a diverse array of buildings, ensuring that they can meet the unique needs of each customer. In addition to their exceptional product offerings, Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation takes pride in their commitment to providing outstanding customer service and comprehensive maintenance support. They continuously strive for innovation and improvement within the elevator industry, setting new standards for quality and reliability.

Fujitec Co., Ltd.

Fujitec Co., Ltd. is a leading elevator manufacturer based in Japan, renowned for its exceptional elevators that are both reliable and of high quality. The company's elevator solutions cater to a wide range of applications and buildings, thanks to their advanced technology and innovative designs. What sets Fujitec apart from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, which has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, Fujitec elevators are trusted by customers worldwide for their superior performance and durability.

Kone Japan Co., Ltd.





Kone Japan Co., Ltd. - OTSTEC

Kone Japan Co., Ltd. is a highly respected elevator manufacturer in Japan that has built a reputation for its commitment to quality and innovative solutions. With an extensive range of elevators designed to meet different requirements, Kone Japan places utmost importance on safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise, Kone Japan consistently delivers reliable and high-performance elevators while providing exceptional customer service and maintenance support. Their dedication to excellence has made them a trusted choice for both residential and commercial buildings across the country.

JES Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd.

JES Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd. is a renowned and forward-thinking elevator manufacturer based in Japan. The company offers an extensive selection of top-notch elevator models to suit diverse needs and specifications. Notably, JES Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd. is recognized for its exceptional customer service and reliable maintenance support, which has contributed to its strong standing within the industry. With a commitment to quality and innovation, JES Japan Elevator Service Holdings Co., Ltd. continues to deliver cutting-edge elevator solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and performance.









Nanxun town,Huzhou City, Zhejiang, Province, China.

OTSTEC is a professional elevator enterprise. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing elevators and lifts. It is a manufacturer and supplier of electric and professional elevators and escalators integrating design, development, sales, installation and after-sales. OTSTEC elevators and lifts have national special equipment manufacturing A-level certificates and installation motorized maintenance A-level certificates, as well as TUV energy efficiency A-level certificates and product CE certificates. OTSTEC pays attention to the application of modern management, and has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications with high-quality products and perfect services.

Nippon Otis Elevator Co.

Nippon Otis Elevator Co. is a well-known and respected elevator manufacturer based in Japan. They are known for their wide selection of elevators, which are not only of high quality but also reliable. The company places a strong emphasis on safety and ensures that all their elevators adhere to strict safety standards. Additionally, Nippon Otis Elevator Co. prides itself on its exceptional customer support team, providing excellent after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hm Elevator Inc.




+82 41 351 3000

Hm Elevator Inc. - OTSTEC

Hm Elevator Inc. has established itself as a leading elevator manufacturer in Japan, known for its extensive selection of top-notch models that cater to a wide range of requirements and budgets. These elevators are renowned for their advanced technology and cutting-edge features, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Moreover, Hm Elevator Inc. prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and support, offering assistance throughout the entire lifespan of their elevators. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, it's no surprise that Hm Elevator Inc. is a trusted name in the industry.

Sysmex Corporation

Sysmex Corporation is a highly regarded elevator manufacturer in Japan, known for its unwavering dedication to quality and dependability. The company prides itself on offering a wide array of elevator models that are customized to meet the unique specifications of different buildings. Sysmex stands out from its competitors due to its cutting-edge technology, exceptional efficiency, and robust safety features. Furthermore, the company's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through its dedicated customer service team, which provides prompt assistance and maintenance support to clients across Japan.

Services Provided by These Companies

Japanese elevator companies provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of their clients. They offer installation, maintenance, and repair services to ensure that elevators are functioning smoothly and safely. In addition, they provide modernization and upgrade services to improve the performance and efficiency of existing elevator systems. Consultation and design services are also available to help clients choose the right elevator system for their specific requirements. Furthermore, Japanese elevator companies pride themselves on offering 24/7 customer support, ensuring that clients have access to assistance whenever they need it. These comprehensive services make Japanese elevator companies stand out in the industry.

Installation and Maintenance

Elevator companies in Japan are experts in the field of installing and maintaining elevator and escalator systems. They have extensive knowledge of safety regulations and ensure that all installations comply with these standards. These companies also offer routine inspections, repairs, and modernization services to keep elevators and escalators in optimal working condition. Regular maintenance by these professionals is essential as it helps to extend the lifespan of these transportation systems, prevents breakdowns, and ensures the safety of passengers.


Elevator companies in Japan understand the importance of keeping elevator systems up to date and offer modernization services to meet this need. These services include the installation of new control systems, which can improve the overall efficiency and functionality of the elevators. Additionally, elevator companies focus on enhancing safety features to ensure passenger security and compliance with safety standards. Energy efficiency is also a key consideration, with modernization efforts aimed at reducing energy consumption and making elevators more environmentally friendly. By providing customized modernization solutions, elevator companies in Japan can meet the unique needs of their clients while adhering to safety regulations and industry standards.

Residential Solutions

In Japan, elevator companies provide a wide range of residential solutions to meet the needs of homeowners. These services include installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators. They are experts in creating customized elevator options for residential buildings, ensuring that they are tailored to fit the specific requirements of each home. Some of the options available include traditional elevators, home lifts, and wheelchair-accessible lifts. Additionally, these companies offer regular maintenance services to ensure that the elevators are operating smoothly and safely. They also conduct safety inspections and provide 24/7 emergency repair services to address any issues that may arise.

Commercial Solutions

In Japan, elevator companies specialize in providing comprehensive commercial solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses. Their services include the installation, maintenance, and repair of elevators. These companies also offer modernization options to enhance the efficiency and safety of existing elevators. With their expertise in designing and constructing custom elevator solutions, they ensure compliance with safety regulations and provide ongoing support for commercial elevator systems. Whether it's a new installation or upgrading an existing system, these companies prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver reliable and high-quality elevator solutions.

How to Choose the Right Elevator Company in Japan?

When choosing an elevator company in Japan, several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure you make an informed decision. Firstly, reputation is crucial as it reflects the company's track record and customer satisfaction. Experience is also important as it demonstrates their expertise in the industry. Additionally, consider the range of products and services offered to ensure they can meet your specific needs. Maintenance and repair options are important to keep your elevator running smoothly in the long term. Pricing should be competitive and reasonable, and a warranty provides peace of mind for any potential issues that may arise. By comparing these factors, you can select an elevator company that best suits your requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Elevator Company

When choosing an elevator company in Japan, there are several factors to consider. Reputation is important, so look for a company with a strong track record and positive customer reviews. Experience matters too, so consider the company's experience in installing and maintaining elevators. Safety standards should also be a priority, so ensure that the company follows strict safety guidelines and regulations. Customization options are valuable, so choose a company that can tailor their elevator solutions to your specific needs. Lastly, evaluate the company's maintenance and service plans to ensure reliable and efficient operation of your elevators.

What Sets Japanese Elevator Companies Apart?

Japanese elevator companies are renowned for their unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. They prioritize safety and reliability in their products, often incorporating state-of-the-art technology such as advanced control systems and energy-efficient designs. In addition to their exceptional engineering, these companies also provide excellent customer service and comprehensive maintenance support, which has contributed to their strong reputation in the industry. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Japanese elevator companies have set the standard for excellence in the global market.


In conclusion, Japanese elevator companies are known for their commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability. They have played a crucial role in shaping Japan's infrastructure and have gained a reputation for providing top-notch services. With a wide range of offerings, from installation and maintenance to modernization and residential/commercial solutions, these companies cater to diverse needs. When choosing an elevator company in Japan, it is essential to consider factors such as experience, reputation, customer reviews, and safety standards. Japanese elevator companies stand apart due to their technological advancements, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient elevator company, consider the options provided in this blog and make an informed decision.

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