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MRL Elevator

 The operation is smooth and fast, which effectively saves passengers time.
 There is no need for a machine room, which can reduce the installation space.
 The structure is simple, and the construction cost can be effectively reduced.
 Efficient capacity regeneration technology makes the elevator energy consumption lower than the general elevator.

Provide You With One-stop MRL Elevator Solutions

OTSTEC is a professional enterprise engaged in elevator production and sales in China and is one of your leading MRL elevator manufacturers in China. Can provide you with a complete MRL elevator solution. We offer you MRL elevators in a variety of styles, designs, styles and finishes, dedicated to helping you create the elevator of your dreams. Besides MRL elevators, we also provide escalators, hospital elevators, freight elevators, etc. Browse the OTSTEC product catalog to see the styles you like.

Automated Production Process

The elevator production workshop is equipped with standardized automatic production equipment and scientific and efficient production methods, which can effectively improve the production efficiency of elevators while ensuring product quality.

Customized Production

In order to meet the individual needs of customers, we support MRL elevator customization services. We have professional designers who will reasonably design and customize according to your building conditions to suit your needs. In addition, we have a wide range of accessories to choose from. Contact OTSTEC for more information on MRL elevator customization. We will answer you in detail as soon as possible.

Motor System Closely Following the Development of World Elevator Technology

 Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine
 VVVF new controller
Door system

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Why Choose OTSTEC MRL Elevator?

Competitive price

OTSTEC is committed to providing global customers with the most cost-effective MRL elevators, so in terms of price, we have full confidence to have a competitive advantage over other brands of elevators of the same quality. You can always trust OTSTEC's prices.

One-to-one service

In order to ensure that each customer has a good consulting and shopping experience, we provide each customer with one-to-one service, allowing you to enjoy fast and efficient service. We have staff available online 24 hours a day to provide you with solutions.

Convenient transportation system

OTSTEC's factory in China is strategically located in the center of the transportation hub. It is only two hours drive from Shanghai port and Ningbo port, and only two hours drive from the airport. Therefore, transportation is very convenient.

World-leading production technology

OTSTEC is located near the core production baseband of China's elevator industry, absorbs the most advanced production technology in the world, and employs German engineering designers strictly check, so we have full confidence in our elevator technology.

Strict quality control management

In order to ensure that each elevator has good quality quality, we have established a strict quality management system, and each important production link has professional quality inspection personnel to eliminate problematic product parts in a timely manner.

Professional design team

OTSTEC has a professional design team that can provide you with professional free design services. Our designers can help you realize your ideal MRL elevator according to your ideas.

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Attentive Service

Free accessories Free accessories
OTSTEC can provide you with parts service for free if the elevator parts are damaged within the warranty period.
Dedicated service Dedicated service
We have a professional team to provide you with one-to-one service online 24 hours a day.
After-sale warranty After-sale warranty
We support after-sales guarantee service, so there is no need to worry about any unpleasant cooperation experience.
Install service Install service
We provide installation teaching services. If you have special needs, you can send someone to install it on site.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What advantages your elevators have?

    A We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
  • Q What’s the necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?

    A For elevators
    1).How many people loading? (6persons means 450kg, 8persons means 630kg, 10persons means 800kg,13persons means 1000kg etc.)
    2).How many floors does the elevator travel?
    3).What’s the shaft size? Shaft width and shaft depth?
    4).Is there a machine room on top of the shaft?
    For escalators or moving sidewalk:
    Travel height, incline degree and step width
    When we get the answers, we can design exact elevator or escalator and make formal quotation to you.
  • Q What is your terms of packing?

    A Generally, we packed our goods by solid wood case,
    If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
  • Q What is your terms of delivery?


Freight Elevator FAQ Guide

1. What is an MRL elevator?
2. Is an MRL a traction elevator?
3. What is the difference between MR and MRL lifts?
4. Do MRL elevators need a control room?
5. What are the disadvantages of machine-room-less elevators?
6. How long do MRL elevators last?
7. Is it expensive to maintain an MRL elevator in your house?
8. How often should an MRL elevator be serviced?
9. How much does it cost to install an MRL elevator?
10. Are MRL elevators safe?
11. Which buildings are suitable for the installation of the MRL elevator?
12. What are the advantages of MRL elevators?
13. How to choose MRL Elevator?
14. As an MRL Elevator manufacturer, what services OTSTEC can provide you? 

1. What is an MRL elevator?

Machine roomless elevators always offer high quality. This type of elevator includes advanced technology which offers a world-class ride. It also includes a maximum MRL life cycle and it also increases exceptional reliability. The professional company can easily monitor and make maintenance properly once they choose a machine room-less elevator. Presently, most giant companies are preferring machine roomless elevators because they save valuable time and cost. Its advanced feature makes this elevator more demanding.
The MRL elevator is a new and trendy elevator type and this type of elevator has many features. An elevator with no machine room, often known as an MRL elevator, usually has its driving mechanism at the top of the hoistway. As the entire gadget fits within the elevator footprint, there is no longer a requirement for a machine room. The hydraulic hoses from the machine room to the elevator hoistway must run through a wall for units that need a machine room (like the majority of hydraulic drives). A remote machine room will be needed when the machine room is not close to the elevator.

2. Is an MRL a traction elevator?

Yes, the MRL elevator is a traction-type elevator all the time. This is a traction-type elevator because it includes all the components which are not included with other equipment. This MRL elevator includes a gearless traction-type elevator. if you compare it with the hydraulic type of elevator then you can realize, the MRL traction elevator is always more useful. whether you need a traction elevator or hydraulic elevator, first you should aware of the MRL tactician elevator details and expert advice.
The logistics of running the hydraulic line through the floor, ceiling, or walls can be expensive and problematic. It also raises several maintenance issues. The second benefit is straightforward: you do not need to set aside extra room for the drive mechanism when using an MRL elevator. A machine room may need anywhere from 12 to 20 square feet, depending on the driving system. A larger elevator vehicle or storage could be placed in this area.

3. What is the difference between MR and MRL lifts?

The main difference between MRL and MR is, the machine room elevator includes a room where the traction machine has to be situated whereas MRL is one type of elevator where they don’t need an elevator room and the traction machine is placed inside the building shaft! You can install machine roomless passenger elevators for commercial buildings or personal buildings for both types! Choose any type of building and you can install it. New construction will be better for this type of elevator installation.
Saving space is an advantage of the MRL elevator. Only the host can be used to create a maintenance platform. Since no more space is required, this has a higher positive impact on the building's structure and cost. Due to the increased flexibility and convenience in design made possible by this, as well as the increased freedom given to the designer, establishing an MRL is less expensive for owners than MR.

4. Do MRL elevators need a control room?

Yes, the machine room-less elevator also needs a control room. There is a controller and associated components include, the best controller all the time. The MRL elevator does away with the expense and environmental issues related to a hydraulic cylinder buried underground and filled with hydraulic oil. Due to the submerged hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic elevators have come under increased scrutiny in terms of environmental problems over time. This is not a worry for the MRL elevator because it is a traction elevator with all of its parts above ground.
In comparison to hydraulic elevators, the MRL elevator offers better performance and ride quality because it uses a gearless traction type mechanism. MRLs have a higher perceived level of quality than a traditional hydraulic elevator since they can function at faster speeds

5. What are the disadvantages of machine-room-less elevators?

If you will choose a machine room-less elevator, you will feel the noise. The lifespan of this type of elevator is very less. With machine room elevator is comparatively much longer in life. Machine roomless elevator is quite very difficult. It includes flood risk as well. But machine room-less elevator includes modern technology and provides the best solution.
MRL is still a fairly new elevator and it was introduced in the USA first. Our business is hesitant to support the promotion of goods without a strong and established track record of dependability. We take considerable care to verify the manufacturer's claims and track record of performance. One producer is attempting to rebuild and launch a new product after recently pulling their MRL product from the market.

6. How long do MRL elevators last?

Once you will install the MRL elevator it will last long since 20 to 25 years. This type of elevator includes special features like, it includes car operating panel and cables and if will maintain properly, then it can last long. Frequency maintenance is very important here. It won't be long before additional code words are added to fit the MRL.
The installation of the product is currently permitted by the majority of states and code enforcement agencies with a project-specific variance. There are certain MRL elevators on the market right now that are priced similarly to a conventional geared traction elevator but more affordably. Some manufacturers have attempted to compete with the low-rise hydraulic elevator by introducing a cost-effective product. One producer has had considerable success, while another has stopped making low-rise MRL products.

7. Is it expensive to maintain an MRL elevator in your house?

If you will install an MRL elevator at your home you have to make different types of maintenance. For maintenance, you need every month $200 to $400 approx. Several factors depend on you while you are selecting the best MRL elevator now! Its annual maintenance cost is too much!
We list some of the factors in favor of establishing a machine room-free elevator in this article. Before making a choice, it's crucial to take the building's size into account and confer with experts. Machine Room Less Elevators, as the name implies, do not have a separate location to store the motor and related systems that make the elevator work. Nevertheless, the location of this mechanism depends on the kind of elevator being used. Machine rooms are located above the lift shaft in elevators that do have them.

8. How often should an MRL elevator be serviced?

If you want to run your home elevator without any trouble then you should maintain it yearly 3-4 times. It’s costly but you have to maintain also properly. The controller is typically situated on the top floor, behind a closed cabinet, with the machinery itself in the hoistway overhead. Machine room-less traction elevators are frequently gearless. The controller may occasionally, albeit infrequently, be mounted in the door frame. Additionally, there are numerous varieties of hydraulic elevators, including roped, holed, and holeless models. All of these employ an electric engine to drive a pump, which in turn forces hydraulic oil into a cylinder containing a piston, forcing the piston to function and moving the elevator cab.

9. How much does it cost to install an MRL elevator?

If you are planning to install an MRL elevator for your home or office you have to spend a minimum of $800 to $4000 approx. If you will buy a lift kit then you have to spend a minimum of $400 to $4000 always. if you will choose an expert for this purpose, then you have to spend between $800 to $12000 approx.! It’s better to consult with an expert who can provide you with a better idea about the installation cost of the MRL elevator. Choose the best elevator as per your need. Find the best deal all the time.

10. Are MRL elevators safe?

Yes, the MRL elevator is a completely safe item. It has a national safety code that is safe it's all passengers all the time. It helps to avoid an accident because It includes some extra safety measure tools. MRL elevator always ensures the best quality safety and if you will choose us for this purpose, we will always be ready to provide you best support. we have a large production capacity and we can produce superior quality, verified, and inspected elevator parts along with the best technicians for better maintenance.

11. Which buildings are suitable for the installation of the MRL elevator?

Whether you want to install this MRL elevator for your home or commercial building, you can install this MRL elevator up to 20 stories building all the time. if you are looking for the best elevator manufacturing company who follow always advanced technology and provides the best elevator solution, then choose us! we are one of the china-based elevator companies that provide always the best support!
The financial savings from saving space inside the structure and the ensuing decrease in structural load are two of the key advantages of machine room-less elevators. It has been demonstrated that they can reduce electricity use compared to hydraulic elevators by up to 70%. choose the best company for this purpose and use it now!

12. What are the advantages of MRL elevators?

Once anyone installs their building MRL elevator they will get many benefits. First, it requires very less space for the installation process. This type of elevator is more energy efficient and provides the best power backup. This type of elevator is the best for a home or up to 20 stories building for any type of commercial or personal. Once you will choose the MRL elevator, it also helps to reduce the installation cost and help to save some money! It also provides the best safety all the time.
Modern technology advancements have made more efficient and compact motors possible, allowing them to fit directly in the hoistway overhead without the need for a separate room, making these cost savings achievable. There is also a case to be made that MRL Elevators require less maintenance because they have fewer parts. However, access is important since it can make the work a little bit more challenging if it is challenging to access the machinery in an MRL Elevator.
This is modern technology and we always prefer to use modern technology! if you love to use modern technology then always follow us! we are china based one of the best elevator companies who are ready to provide the best technology, the best safety for the elevator, and modern advancement. we always follow you and provide the best support all the time.

13. How to choose MRL Elevator?

If you are planning to install an MRL elevator, there are certain things you have to consider before selecting any company for installation purposes. There are some points which are more important like the size of the elevator! whether you need an elevator within a short space or large space! loading capacity within the elevator is another important point! whether you need 2-3 people only travel or 4-5 people, based on your need cabin should be prepared! The safety risk is another important point. You have to think about the safety risk. Always you need to install some important safety parameters as well.
You also need to check the MRL elevator drive system and the price is another big factor. You have to know about the prices all the time. Based on your need and requirement, you have to choose the best quote from the best company. You can ask for a quote from us and we will send you a complete quote within 24 hours.

14. As an MRL Elevator manufacturer, what services OTSTEC can provide you?

If you want to install an MRL elevator then OTSTEC is the best option all the time. We are always ready to provide you with fast and best-quality elevators which last long. we always maintain the quality of each part which includes the elevator. We also follow always the quality elevator installation process. we have certified licensed technicians who have years of experience in this field. We also provide the best maintenance support. for us, quality always matters and we mainly focus on quality all the time. We are always ready to provide you lifelong cheap price service. we provide quality service all the time. Once you will choose us, you will get the best satisfaction and safety all the time.
Find the best deal online. Its policy is always playing an important role. Choose the best deal from us now! we provide complete satisfaction and safety to our all customers all the time. we have an expert advisor who is always ready to provide you best support all the time. once you ask for the quote, we will quote you within 24 hours. We will also provide strong customer care service and strong after-sale service. Contact us to know more details.
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