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China's Good Manufacturers of Scenic Elevators

 Diversified decoration styles and component selection, tailored according to customer preferences
 Various shapes, semicircle, diamond, square, outlook, and other car shapes are available
 Humanized design, 360-degree sightseeing vision, enjoy the visual feast
 25 years of experience in manufacturing scenic lift, always insisting on the same quality

Provide One-stop Solution for Scenic Elevator

As a professional elevator company in China, OTSTEC can provide one-stop solutions for your scenic elevators, saving you time and costs, and thus obtaining more efficient services. In addition to scenic elevators, we also provide high-quality home elevators, passenger elevators, and moving walks. You can choose the right products according to your needs.

Automated Production Process

As one of China's leading manufacturers of sightseeing elevators, we have the world's most advanced production machinery. The production process is advanced and the product quality is guaranteed.

Provide personalized accessories

OTSTEC has been engaged in the elevator manufacturing industry for many years. Understand the potential needs of consumers. Therefore, we provide you with a variety of styles, materials, and prices of optional accessories, allowing you to find a scenic elevator that suits your preferences and architectural visit needs.Our optional accessories can make our scenic elevators become more diversified and high investment rate, allowing you to get more possibilities. Contact us to see the catalog of optional accessories.

Motor System Closely Following the Development of World Elevator Technology

 Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine
 VVVF new controller
Door system

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Why Choose OTSTEC Scenic Elevator?

Workshop 6S management mode

OTSTEC has established a complete corporate standard and management system, and the elevator production workshop implements a 6s management model. In the process of requiring staff to perform, it is also a guarantee of product quality. High-quality staff strictly control the production process and can stabilize the quality of the products.

Customized service

According to different construction conditions and needs, we have the strength to provide you with customized services. Our professional team will provide you with the best solution in combination with the actual situation, so that your building can be seen by people because of the existence of the scenic elevator. Bright and unforgettable.

Reasonable price

The price of each scenic elevator that OTSTEC provides to customers is very affordable and very competitive in the market. We are committed to providing customers with cost-effective elevators, allowing you to enjoy a value-for-money purchase experience.

Strict quality inspection before POC shipment

OTSTEC attaches great importance to the quality of scenic elevators, which is an important part of passenger experience. Our professional and independent quality inspection center will strictly inspect and test the elevator POC before it is shipped, and will not miss any link that may go wrong. This guarantees the operating performance of the scenic elevator.

Multiple safety devices

The OTSTEC scenic elevator adopts multiple safety devices such as infrared rays to prevent accidents when passengers take the elevator, which greatly improves the quality and safety of the scenic elevator. We are committed to providing you with safer and more efficient scenic elevators.

High-quality parts

We use the best parts for each elevator, the motor is Siemens or ACT, the door machine and door head are NBSL or Fermator, and the control system is Monarch or Step. Of course, if you have special requirements in this regard, we can also order and produce according to your needs.

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Attentive Service

Technical support Technical support
Installation technicial support via internet & telephone, we can send engineer to site.
Free accessories Free accessories
Free parts for any breakdown with convincing evidence within 18 months
Efficient response Efficient response
Inquiry will be replied at our first time
With warranty With warranty
12 months warranty after elevator running, but less than 18 months after shipment

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What advantages your elevators have?

    A We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
  • Q What’s the necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?

    A For elevators
    1).How many people loading? (6persons means 450kg, 8persons means 630kg, 10persons means 800kg,13persons means 1000kg etc.)
    2).How many floors does the elevator travel?
    3).What’s the shaft size? Shaft width and shaft depth?
    4).Is there a machine room on top of the shaft?
    For escalators or moving sidewalk:
    Travel height, incline degree and step width
    When we get the answers, we can design exact elevator or escalator and make formal quotation to you.
  • Q What is your terms of packing?

    A Generally, we packed our goods by solid wood case,
    If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
  • Q What is your terms of delivery?

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