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OTSTEC-World-class Manufacturer of Shopping Mall Escalator

As a professional shopping mall escalator manufacturer, OTSTEC is committed to creating a technology-leading, stable and safe mall escalator for you.
We have many years of manufacturing experience and can provide you with qualified and quality-guaranteed shopping mall escalators. We carefully select various high-quality materials to create your ideal shopping mall escalator through multiple processes, using environmentally friendly, high-quality materials, and long service life.
We also provide a variety of escalator accessories so that you can enjoy a one-stop shopping mall escalator ordering service. Moreover, our engineers from Germany will provide you with professional escalator custom design services, so that you can get your ideal shopping mall escalator.
If you want to customize the mall escalator, please contact us immediately. We are very willing to provide you with help and cooperation.

A variety of shopping mall escalators to choose from​​​​​​​

One-stop Solution for Shopping Mall Escalators

OTSTEC is a professional elevator company in China, committed to providing professional elevator products and services to global customers, our shopping mall escalators have many different specifications and models. In addition to shopping mall escalators, we also provide other types of elevators, such as home elevators, passenger elevators, and villa elevators. If you are interested in our products, please click the product to view the detailed information.

Know More About the Technology and Functions of 

OTSTEC Shopping Mall Escalator

Good Shopping Mall Escalator Quality

OTSTEC is a well-known high-quality shopping mall escalator company integrating design, manufacturing, sales, after-sales service, installation and maintenance. Years of manufacturing experience allows us to provide customers with humanized, comfortable and stable mall escalators. Abundant accessories and multiple functional customizations allow us to provide you with a one-stop shopping mall escalator customization service. The following are the reasons why you should choose OTSTEC mall escalators:

Professional manufacturer

From the selection of raw materials to every node of production, coupled with advanced manufacturing equipment, experienced engineers, sophisticated processing techniques and strict factory inspections, we ensure that every shopping mall escalator reaches the best quality before it leaves the factory.

Service team

We have a professional pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales team to provide you with services 24 hours a day. At the same time, we are equipped with experienced engineers to provide you with professional escalator suggestions, so that we can customize shopping mall escalators that better meet your needs.

Rich experience

We have more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and production of shopping mall escalators. Our escalators are sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Each of our customers is full of praise for our escalators and services.

Lower the cost

We are a professional manufacturer of escalators. We can control production costs and adopt one-stop solutions to reduce your escalator costs. Not only can you get high-quality shopping mall escalators at OTSTEC, but you can also choose related accessories to save time and cost.
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Production Flow

OTSTEC has been committed to providing customers with more efficient and safe shopping mall escalator for many years, and has won unanimous recognition from customers with its excellent service.

Quality Checking
Quality Checking

Thoughtful Shopping Mall Escalator Service


Accessory service

In addition to shopping mall escalators, we also provide a variety of accessory support, including signal lights, safety indicators, handrails, etc., so that you can get intimate and complete escalator ordering services at OTSTEC

After-sales service

We have a professional after-sales team. If you encounter any problems during installation or subsequent use, our after-sales staff will solve the problem for you at any time.

Logistics packaging solutions

We have rich experience in export shipping, and in order to ensure that the escalator will not be damaged during long-distance transportation, we use containers and multiple packaging methods.

Customized service

We will design and customize free shopping mall escalators according to the actual situation of customers, so that the escalator can fit your construction needs and increase the convenience of the shopping mall.
The best choice for stability and convenience​​​​​​​
Make housing more convenient

Humanized hospital elevator

The best choice for large-capacity cargo elevator
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shopping mall escalator
No matter what type of shopping mall escalator you want to use, OTSTEC will always be there to help you. Just contact us for support, information and advice.
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Talk To Professional
We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and 
escalator field.




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