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OTSTEC-Your Leading Stretcher Elevator Company in China 

OTSTEC-Your Leading Stretcher Elevator Company in China 

Safe, reliable and stable. OTSTEC provides high-quality stretcher elevators to our customers. In order to comply with the standard size of stretcher lift, OTSTEC strictly abides by the size requirements of stretcher lifts. Equipped with large capacity and wide opening doors, it can accommodate stretchers, hospital beds and other medical equipment. They also provide precise leveling to facilitate wheelchair and hospital bed access. The biggest advantage of OTSTEC stretcher elevator is the large load capacity and large car, which can not only ensure the entry and exit of medical staff, but also leave more space for patients to feel relaxed and comfortable. OTSTEC's stretcher elevators provide a barrier-free, safe, reliable and hygienic riding experience in a busy hospital environment.
If you are looking for a stretcher elevator that meets the standard size requirements, you can contact us immediately. We are very willing to provide you with help and cooperation.

Pursue perfection in every process and share with the world with unique OTSTEC technology.

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OTSTEC is a professional stretcher elevator manufacturer and supplier in China. To provide high-quality and cost-effective elevator products for customers around the world. In addition to stretcher elevators, we also provide guest elevators, vehicle elevator and cargo elevator.