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Types of Elevator | What You Should Know (2023 Selection Guide)

There are different types of elevators available in the market and you may choose any type of elevator as per your need. whether you need. There are some types of elevators that are the best for commercial purposes, some best for personal or residential use, and some elevators best for loading and unloading materials. now, based on your purpose and budget, you have to choose the best type of elevator all the time. Every elevator is different from other types and its use is also different. The function of the elevator is completely different and people should know about the advantages of the different elevators before selecting anyone.

What is an Elevator?

An elevator is essentially a platform that can be either opened or closed, designed for lifting or lowering people and goods. Whether it's a residential complex or a commercial office building, having an elevator is now considered a standard requirement to ensure accessibility and convenience for occupants. With advancements in technology and improved safety measures, elevators have become more reliable and affordable, making them a worthwhile investment for any multi-story building.

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How Elevators Work

Control systems for modern elevators have undergone significant changes to enhance both speed and safety. One of the key improvements is the integration of counterweight technology, which helps reduce the weight lifted by the motor and ensures the elevator remains in control with intact cables. Typically, elevators utilize a counterweight and apply 40% of the maximum rated load to balance the car. This clever engineering design not only improves efficiency but also enhances safety during operation.

To ensure durability and strength, elevators are constructed using steel. This robust material can withstand heavy loads and provides a stable platform for passengers. Additionally, the hoist cable is secured by a pulley system within a spanned side-to-side elevator shaft. The rotation of this pulley is carefully controlled by a set of steel beams strategically placed for optimal support.

By incorporating these innovative control systems and utilizing strong materials like steel, modern elevators deliver an efficient and safe vertical transportation experience for passengers.

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Elevator Type ( Working Mechanisms)

Presently, in the market, the customer will find different kinds of elevators with their unique features. you have to choose what type of elevator will be best for you! choose the best type of elevator as per your need. every category is different and every type of elevator has different features and benefits. you just need to check and select the best type of elevator as per your need. First, you should understand what type of elevator will be best for you and then choose which one will be ideal for you. whether you need a commercial elevator or residential or freight elevator and size, shape, and details all are matter. So, first, check properly and then select the best one.  

1. Geared and Gearless Traction Elevator

Traction Elevator

A traction elevator is a type of elevator that utilizes ropes to raise and lower the elevator car. These ropes pass over a wheel attached to an electric motor, which is typically located above the shaft. The main function of the ropes is to support and move the elevator car. This system is commonly used in both mid and high-rise applications and offers several advantages. One of the key benefits of a traction elevator is its speed. Unlike hydraulic elevators, traction elevators can travel at faster speeds, making them ideal for buildings with high traffic demands. Additionally, traction elevators utilize a counterweight system, which helps to offset the weight of the occupants and the car itself. This reduces the load on the motor, making it easier for it to move the elevator efficiently. Overall, traction elevators are a reliable and efficient option for vertical transportation in various settings.

traction elevator

Geared Traction Elevator

The geared elevator is a remarkable piece of engineering that allows for efficient vertical transportation. It consists of a motor with a gearbox attached to it, which plays a crucial role in powering the wheel that moves the ropes. This ingenious design enables the elevator to reach impressive speeds of up to 500 feet per minute, making it a viable option for high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Additionally, the geared elevator has a maximum travel distance of 250 feet, further showcasing its capability to efficiently transport passengers and cargo over considerable heights. With its combination of power, speed, and reliability, the geared elevator continues to be a pivotal component in modern vertical transportation systems.

Geared traction elevator

Gearless Traction Elevator

Gearless elevators are the ultimate choice for skyscrapers due to their unmatched speed and impressive capabilities. Unlike traditional elevators, gearless elevators don't rely on gears for speed regulation. This innovative design allows them to reach astonishing speeds of up to 2,000 feet per minute, making them ideal for high-rise buildings where time is of the essence. Additionally, these elevators have an impressive maximum travel distance of 2,000 feet, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation throughout the entire height of a skyscraper. The absence of gears not only contributes to their exceptional speed but also reduces maintenance requirements and enhances overall reliability. When it comes to vertical transportation in towering structures, gearless elevators reign supreme with their unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Gearless traction elevator

2. Hydraulic Elevator

Roped Hydraulic Elevator

Roped hydraulic elevators are a unique type of elevator that combines the use of both ropes and a piston to enhance the motion of the elevator car. This innovative design allows for smooth and efficient vertical transportation, making it an excellent choice for buildings with a maximum travel distance of about 60 feet. The ropes are responsible for carrying the weight of the car, while the piston provides additional support and control during operation. This combination ensures a safe and reliable ride for passengers, as well as efficient energy usage. Roped hydraulic elevators are versatile and can be customized to fit various architectural and design requirements, making them a popular choice in modern buildings. Whether it's a low-rise residential building or a commercial complex, roped hydraulic elevators offer a practical and efficient solution for vertical transportation needs.

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Conventional Hydraulic Elevator

A conventional hydraulic elevator is a reliable and efficient choice for vertical transportation. Designed with an elevator pit, this type of elevator features a sheave that extends beneath the floor of the pit. As the elevator starts to descend, the pit supports a retracting piston, allowing for smooth and controlled movement. In certain configurations, a conventional hydraulic elevator may require a shallower hole below the pit to accommodate a collapsing telescoping piston when the elevator drops. With an approximate travel distance of up to 60 feet, these elevators are suitable for various buildings and structures. Whether it's for residential or commercial use, a conventional hydraulic elevator provides safe and convenient transportation with its sturdy construction and dependable performance.

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Hole-less Hydraulic Elevator

The Hole-less Hydraulic Elevator offers a unique solution for buildings that do not have the space or infrastructure for a conventional elevator. Unlike traditional elevators that require a pit with a hole or sheave fixed below, the Hole-less Hydraulic Elevator features telescoping pistons at the base of the pit. These pistons enable the elevator car to travel up to 50 feet, providing vertical transportation in buildings of various heights. For smaller spaces, there is also a design available with non-telescoping pistons that allow for up to 20 feet of travel. One of the main reasons why hydraulic elevators have gained popularity is their affordability and relatively lower maintenance costs compared to other types of elevators. This makes them a cost-effective choice for many building owners and developers who are looking for reliable vertical transportation solutions without breaking the bank.

Hole-less Hydraulic Elevator - otstec

3. Machine-Room-Less (MRL) Elevator

Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevators have revolutionized the elevator industry with their innovative design and energy-saving features. Unlike traditional elevators, MRL elevators have a machine fitted in the override space, which can only be accessed through the top of the elevator car when maintenance is required. This compact design eliminates the need for a separate machine room, making them ideal for mid-rise buildings with limited space. Despite their smaller size, MRL elevators are capable of traveling up to 250 feet with speeds of up to 500 feet per minute, providing efficient transportation within buildings. Not only do MRL elevators conserve energy during operation, but they also require less room during construction, further adding to their appeal. As more and more mid-rise buildings embrace sustainable and space-efficient solutions, MRL elevators are becoming increasingly popular in the industry.

MRL Elevator

4. Vacuum (Air Driven) Home Elevator

Vacuum elevators, introduced to the elevator community in 2005, revolutionize traditional lift systems by operating solely on the principles of physics. Unlike conventional elevators that rely on cables and pulley systems, these air-driven marvels utilize a sealed vacuum tube made from polycarbonate and aluminum materials. When the up button is pressed, the system intelligently lowers pressure above the tube, causing the higher air pressure below to propel the elevator car upward. Conversely, when descending, pressure beneath the tube is minimized, seamlessly guiding the elevator downward. This innovative design not only eliminates the need for complex mechanical components but also provides a smooth and energy-efficient ride experience. Vacuum elevators are a testament to human ingenuity and our ability to harness natural forces for practical purposes.

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Elevator Type (Function)

Passenger elevator

A passenger elevator is a type of elevator that carries human beings only. Using this type of elevator, you can only up and down people not any type of equipment or furniture. For passenger elevator, you may choose any hydraulic or standard elevator. Mainly commercial buildings, residential buildings, and houses are ideal for installing such passenger elevators. Passenger elevators can be designed as per your need. you can choose any shape, size, and metal as per your budget. you can decorate your lift in any way. You can make a small cabin for passenger lift or a large cabin as per your free space. choose the best type of passenger elevator as per your need.

Passenger Elevators - Moving People | Jardine Schindler Hong Kong

Freight elevator

Freight elevator is one of the best types of elevators which mainly used for load purposes. mainly in a construction site, or manufacturing unit, or any place where the load needs to up and down, to those places freight elevator will be the best option all the time. Choose the best type of freight elevator as per your need. Before selecting any type of freight elevator there are certain things you have to consider.  The installation process is very simple. If you will choose a local company or people they can easily install without any problem. The cost of installing a freight elevator is determined by specific parameters and specifications. A series of parameters such as different loads, different floors, different decorations, and whether have machine rooms may affect the price of freight elevators, so the cost of installing freight elevators should be calculated according to specific parameters.

Freight Elevators Manufacturers and Suppliers from China

Sidewalk elevator

Sidewalk elevator is another type of elevator which is also mainly carry for move cargo. This type of elevator is mainly used to move materials directly. If you have business with loading and unloading then a sidewalk elevator will be ideal for you. This will reduce the load and safely move goods, heavy equipment, or tools from one floor to another floor. it saves your valuable time and cost both. choose the best type of sidewalk elevator and install it now! the installation cost is also minimum than other types of the elevator. if you are looking for a quality sidewalk elevator then choose us. we are one of the best manufacturing companies who offer superior quality sidewalk elevators now! if you will choose us, you will get all types elevators you desire!

China Customized Moving Sidewalk Manufacturers and Suppliers - Factory Direct Price - SAFE ELEVATOR

Stage lift

Stage Lift systems allow for gentle quiet movement and stable support of stages, orchestras, equipment, and seating platforms. Combining strength and adaptability, the lifting systems are efficient and reliable. Hydraulic stages made it possible to raise sections of the stage, tilt them or even rock them to simulate, for example, the motion of a ship. All of these mechanisms required larger backstage facilities, higher-flying towers, greater depth and width of stages, and increased work pressure. There are many construction areas where people may use such type of lift always. choose the best type of stage lift as per your need. choose the best deal through us and get assured quality. 

Stage Lifts - American Custom Lifts

Vehicle elevator

Vehicle elevator is another best type of elevator and this type of elevator is perfect for vehicle manufacturing plants or garage areas. using this type of elevator, you can easily up and down a vehicle without any problem. This type of elevator is the very hard type and weighty. It will also increase efficiency. It will reduce energy costs. It also helps to reduce electromagnetic noise. For vehicle elevators, you don’t need maintenance properly. This type of elevator is also good for the vehicle up and down and it's completely safe. Choose the best type of vehicle elevator as per your need.

Car Lifts - Elevator Technics

Boat lift

There are many people who thought installing a boat lift is very simple but it is not truth! you have to install using proper tools and equipment otherwise you may face massive damage. you have to know about the typical locking system and you should control the water level. It actually moves the boat using lift from one place to another. if you are looking for quality boat lift within your budget, mail us your requirement. we are ready to provide you best support all the time. we also offer strong customer care support as well. The demand for boat lift is huge and we will be able to customize the boat lift always. whether you need small in size or standard size, we can do this for you easily. 

Vertical Aluminum Boat Lifts | RGC Marine

Aircraft lifts

Aircraft lifts are very expensive and if you will use a modern aircraft lift then you will be able to keep your private jet or airport plan easily one after one. there are different types of aircraft lifts available in the market and you may choose any type of lift as per your need. If you will search the market, you will find different types of lifts and elevators. you just need to check and select the best type of aircraft lifts as per your need. choose the best type of aircraft lifts as per your need.

Aircraft PRM Medical Lift - Airport Suppliers

Residential elevator

A residential elevator is one of the best types of elevators and you can customize the shape and size of the elevator. we are able to make different types of designs with advanced safety feature residential elevators. the purpose of the residential elevator is to increase the luxury of the house and move from one floor to another floor without any hesitation. choose the best type of elevator as per your need.  you can build small, medium, or large size residential elevators as per your need. You can make different types of elevators based on uses.  choose the best deal now.

Choose the Most Suitable Residential Elevator | Professional Guide


An elevator enhances your independence and increases your mobility, promoting a better quality of life every day. Plus, using an elevator instead of the stairs can reduce tiredness, soreness, and strain on the body. It also saves you valuable time. It also reduces the risk of injury and saves space as well. It also saves your money as well. Manual dumbwaiters are operated by pulling on a hand rope to lift or lower the car. Although some manual models are still available, the predominant dumbwaiter is powered by electricity. choose the best dumbwaiter as per your need. the size of this type of elevator is also very small than another type.

Dumbwaiter | Residential & Commercial Dumbwaiters | Arrow Lift


Paternoster elevators are intended only for transporting people. Accidents have occurred when they have been misused for transporting bulky items, such as ladders or library trolleys. The risk involved is estimated as 30 times higher than conventional elevators. If you want to know more details about this type of elevator contact us. We are able to deliver the best quality product. But the demand for this type of elevator is now less. We also provide strong customer care service. Choose the best deal from us. we have years of experience in this field and we know how to customize different types of elevators as well.

Meet Paternoster, The Non-Stop Elevator Chain!

Scissor lift

Scissor lift basically moves only vertically. This type of elevator is also supported by a cross-crossing X-shaped mechanism. Using this type of elevator people able to move from one floor to another floor and cargo materials also move from one place to another place. we are one of the best manufacturers of elevators and we are able to manufacture different types of elevators. whether you need a small size, large size, or medium-size elevator, we will do it for you. we are also able to customize the shape, size, and other details as well.

Semi-electric scissor lift SBE1000, lifting capacity 500 kg, lifting height 10 m, SolidHub | TOPREGAL

Material Handling Belts

Material handling belts are mainly used for loading and unloading materials from one floor to another floor. The main purpose is to transport material using conveyor belts. The main purpose is to move materials easily from one place to another place. Mainly in a plant area, people mostly use such types of belts. choose the best type of material handling belts as per your need.

What is a conveyor belt? All the answers you need about a conveyor belt


If you are looking for superior quality with advanced technology lift, then before selecting any company, one should know about the what is the purpose of the elevator? you have to know about the purpose of the elevator all the time. once you are aware of the purpose of the elevator then you will realize what type of elevator will be better for you! whether you need the residential elevator. freight elevator, commercial elevator you may choose any type of elevator anytime. If you are looking for the best manufacturer then choose us. we are one of the best manufacturing companies who offer the best quality service all the time.


1. What are the types of elevators used in buildings?

Elevators come in various types based on their function and working mechanism. When it comes to function, the three main types of elevators are passenger elevators, goods elevators, and service elevators. Passenger elevators are designed to transport people between different floors of a building, while goods elevators are specifically built to carry heavy loads or large items. Service elevators, on the other hand, are used by maintenance staff for tasks such as cleaning or moving equipment. In terms of working mechanisms, there are four main types of elevators. Traction elevators use cables and counterweights to move the elevator car, while hydraulic elevators rely on fluid pressure to lift and lower the car. Machine-room-less (MRL) elevators have their machinery installed in the shaft itself, saving space in the building. Lastly, vacuum home elevators use air pressure differences to move the car and offer a unique and efficient solution for residential buildings. With these different types available, building owners can choose the elevator that best suits their specific needs and requirements.

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