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OTSTEC-Your Leading Apartment Elevator Company in China 

OTSTEC-Your Leading Apartment Elevator Company in China 

⊙ Minimize waiting time
⊙ Provide reliable transportation services and provide a comfortable ride experience
⊙ Suitable for multi-family apartment buildings
⊙ Various types, including passenger elevators, freight elevators, etc.
⊙ Combine LED lighting and automatic shutdown system when the elevator is not in use, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the elevator and respecting the environment

Pursue perfection in every process and share with the world with unique OTSTEC technology.

Complete Solution from the Manufacturer of Apartment Elevator

Learn more about the technology and functions of OTSTEC Apartment Elevator

Good Apartment Elevator Quality

OTSTEC relies on reliable solutions to provide reliable transportation services and a comfortable ride experience for multi-family apartments. As a professional apartment elevator manufacturer, we provide many types of elevators, including passenger elevators, freight elevators, etc. Whether it is the modernization of a small apartment or a new high-rise landmark building, OTSTEC will work with you to determine the appropriate solution. Work to help you plan the actual capacity used and ensure that residents do not have unnecessary waiting time. We are passionate about business, constantly breaking the limits of professional knowledge, and providing high-quality, safe, stable and low-cost apartment elevator solutions for many international customers.

Global network

Our elevators are widely distributed in many parts of the world. We strive to become the brand of global elevator suppliers. We have provided services to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and are well received by customers

Professional service team

We have a professional service team to serve you 24 hours a day, and there will be a dedicated person to answer your questions one-on-one, and the engineer will understand your needs in the process and transform them into actual products, so that your apartment can get more convenient

Professional certification

As one of the national industry enterprises, OTSTEC elevator has national specially equipment manufacture A level certificate and installation motorization repairing A level, and also TUV energy efficiency A level certificate and products with CE certificate.

Elevator accessories support

In addition to providing customers with stretcher elevators, we will also provide customers with a variety of elevator accessories support, such as signal lights, handrails, ceilings, floors, etc., so that you can get one-stop apartment elevator services in OTSTEC.
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Production Flow

In order to provide you with more perfect apartment building elevator, we have very strict requirements on the production process.

Quality Checking
Quality Checking

Thoughtful Apartment Building Elevator Service


Customized service

OTSTEC can be customized according to your apartment needs, floor, area, etc. We all work directly with architects, contractors and owners to determine the right solution for the job.

After-sales service

Even if customers have received orders, we will continue to cater to their needs. Our after-sales staff is an elevator expert, if he has any questions, we will help you at any time.

Quality inspection service

We have comprehensive quality control measures to ensure that our processes and products are flawless. Our inspection technology can provide accurate data readings, backed by the keen sense of our inspectors, so that we can faithfully meet your requirements.

Accessory Service

OTSTEC is committed to allowing customers to enjoy one-stop elevator services, so we have prepared a sufficient inventory of accessories to allow customers to customize their own apartment elevator, including signal lights, handrails, ceilings, floors, etc.
The best choice for stability and convenience​​​​​​​
Make housing more convenient

Humanized hospital elevator

The best choice for large-capacity cargo elevator
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No matter what type of apartment elevator you want to use, OTSTEC will always be there to help you. Just contact us for support, information and advice.
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Talk To Professional
We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and 
escalator field.




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