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Passenger Elevator Manufacturer and Supplier from China

OTSTEC is a professional passenger elevator manufacturer and supplier
in China.
We have full capabilities to manufacture elevators and lift with smooth operation, comfortable rides, good safety and high reliability. We can provide you with MRL passenger elevator and SMR elevator.
Send us your design drawing or specifications.
We are going to offer you a perfect passenger elevator and lift.

Standard Elevator

As Your Professional Passenger Elevator Supplier,OTSTEC will Provide You...

As your professional passenger elevator manufacturer,OTSTEC will provide you

Human comfort

We provide high-grade elevators for hot spots with special air conditioners for elevators to keep the cars cool and comfortable.

security function

ARD available
E120 available

Fast and silent

We use a gearless motor from xizi Otis. The speed of the elevator can even reach 8m/s.
The car adopts industry-leading sound insulation technology to make the noise value in the car <55dB when the elevator is in operation.

Environmental protection

OTSTEC passenger elevators use gearless permanent magnet synchronous hosts, 
free lubrication design, no need to change oil frequently.
Carbin uses LED lighting, it saves energy and has longer service. 


SMR passenger elevator and lift

SMR passenger elevator and lift adopts compact host and narrow control cabinet, which can greatly reduce the machine room area,and take advantage of the space of original machine room effectively, so that the elevator and architectural design will be integrated.


MRL passenger elevator and lift

MRL passenger elevator and lift breaks the inherent mode of installing a machine room,the compact host and narrow control cabinet are directly place on the shaftway, so as to provide a larger lift car and a spacious environment in the same shaftway. 

Know More About the Technology and Functions of OTSTEC Passenger Elevator and Lift

Advanced Parts Technical Support has made OTSTEC the Leading Passenger 

Elevator Manufacturer and Supplier

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne

It uses rare earth materials, fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency technologywith group computer control technology, high-efficient and energy saving, with minimum operation cost,low heat loss, and extremely high efficiency, can save up to 40% energy compared with general traditional technology. ​​​​​​​

Door System

The application of advanced VVVVF control technology into elevator door machine system ensures thesmooth and quiet door opening andclosing, increases the sensitivity of elevator door opening and closing, and automatically adjusts the most appropriate opening and closing speed for each landing,ensures safety and reliability.

VVVF New Controller

It can automatically adjust the current and precisely control the torque of the host machine according to the load of the car, 
fully making the elevator stable and comfortable.

Why Choose OTSTEC as Your Passenger Elevator and Lift Manufacturer?​​​​​​​

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    6s management

    We use 6s management:SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE and SECURITY. Tidy and clean environment make staff happy and improve work efficiency.
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    Designed from Germany

    Our engineers are from German.
    We use the best parts for each elevator,the motor is XIZI or ACT,the door operator and door header is NBSL or Fermator, control system is Monarch or Step.
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    Good after-sales service

    In addition to the high quality elevator, we also have good after-sales service.
    Respond promptly and resolve problems as soon as possible to ensure use.
    If there is any problem in product quality, the company will repair and replace spare parts free of charge.
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    Strict quality inspection​​​​​​​

    Quality control for each elevator. 
    Strictly follow quality control procedures, avoid common quality failures, ensure quality assurance, and provide customers with products in full compliance with relevant contracts and standards.

OTSTEC-One of the Best Passenger Elevator 

Factory and Company in China

 Over 25 years of passenger elevator manufacturing experience
 Adopted as the passenger elevator manufacturer in more than 20 countries worldwide
 Integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into a whole
 Achieve A-class mrl passenger elevator and lift manufacturing license

Production Flow

We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into.
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and escalator field.
Quality Checking
Quality Checking

Frequently Asked Question

  • What advantages your elevators have?

    We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
  • What’s the necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?

    For elevators
    1).How many people loading? (6persons means 450kg, 8persons means 630kg, 10persons means 800kg,13persons means 1000kg etc.)
    2).How many floors does the elevator travel?
    3).What’s the shaft size? Shaft width and shaft depth?
    4).Is there a machine room on top of the shaft?
    For escalators or moving sidewalk:
    Travel height, incline degree and step width
    When we get the answers, we can design exact elevator or escalator and make formal quotation to you.
  • What is your terms of packing?

    Generally, we packed our goods by solid wood case,
    If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
  • What is your terms of delivery?

  • How about your delivery time?

    Generally, it will take 25 to 30 days after you confirm the elevator (escalator) specification and drawing, and receiving your advance payment.
  • How to do the elevator installation and maintenance?

    We will send installation & maintaining manual along with the escalator in the container.
    Our suggestion is to hire a professional local company for installation and future maintaining,once you need any technical assistant from us, just don't  hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.
    Technician will be sent to the job site if necessary.
  • Payment terms?

    T/T, irrevocable L/C at sight etc.
    If you have another question, please feel free to contact us.
  • Can we visit your factory before we order?

    Yes of course, you're welcome to visit us. Our company is near to Shanghai airport.

Passenger Elevator FAQ Guide

1.What is passenger elevator?
2.What are the types of passenger elevator?
3.What are the characteristics of passenger elevator?
4.How to choose the right passenger elevator?
5.What problems should be paid attention to when installing passenger elevator?
6.What problems will the passenger elevator encounter in daily use? How to solve?
7.How to maintain passenger elevator?
8.Which buildings are suitable for installation of passenger elevator?
9.How much does it cost to install a passenger elevator?
10.Is the passenger elevator safe?
11.How to detect and control the quality of passenger elevator?
12.How long is the service life of passenger elevator?
13.What is the approximate size and load capacity of OTSTEC Passenger Elevator?
14.What constitutes Passenger Elevator?
15.As a Passenger Elevator manufacturer, what services OTSTEC can provide you?

1.What is passenger elevator?

The passenger elevator is designed to transport passengers. It requires perfect safety facilities and certain interior decoration.
The passenger elevator is a vertical lift powered by an electric motor. It is equipped with a box-like pod for passengers in multi-story buildings.
It is a fixed lifting equipment that serves a specified floor.
It has a cage that runs between at least two vertical rigid guides.
The size and structure of the car make it easy for passengers to go in and out or to load and unload cargo.
It is normal to use the elevator as a general term for vertical transportation within a building, regardless of how it is driven.
Passenger elevator helps people to move from one place to other places. There are different sectors or industries where people love to use passenger elevators. design of the passenger elevator will be different. As per space and area, people need to install a passenger elevator. There are different types of passenger elevators people can install like glass-made elevators, metal-based elevators, etc. Many big hotels, industries, multiplex, shopping malls, and restaurants prefer passenger elevators. The size and structure of the elevator are different and unique. Every type of elevator has some unique features and passenger capacity. As per your area and elevator size, you have to put passengers.

2.What are the types of passenger elevator?

According to the classification of speed, we can divide passenger elevators into:
1. Low-speed elevator: usually refers to the elevator below the speed of 1.00m/s;
2. Medium speed elevator: usually refers to the elevator with a speed of 1.00 ~ 2.00m/s;
3. High-speed elevator: usually refers to an elevator with a speed greater than 7m/s.
According to the driving mode, it can be divided into the following categories:
1. Ac elevator: The elevator which uses ac induction motor as driving force can be divided into AC single speed, AC double speed, AC voltage regulation and ac variable voltage and frequency conversion speed regulation according to its driving mode.
2. Dc elevator: the elevator using the DC motor as the driving force. Rated speed of this kind of elevator is generally above 2.00m/s.
Rack and pinion elevator: an elevator in which the rail is processed into rack, and the car is equipped with gear meshing with rack, and the motor drives the gear to rotate, making the car rise and fall.
3.Screw elevator: The plunger of straight-jacked elevator is processed into rectangular thread, and the big nut with thrust bearing is installed on the top of the oil cylinder, and then, through the motor, the reducer (or belt) drives the nut to rotate, so as to make the screw jacking car rise or fall.
There are different types of passenger elevators available in the market and you may choose any type of elevator as per your need and requirement. Based on your place, you can find the best elevator for your area. Now, airports, shopping malls, hotels, buildings require commercial and residential passenger elevators. Some reputed hospitals also prefer passenger elevators for shifting patients from one floor or another. You may choose a screw elevator, AC elevator, or non-AC as well. Installing an elevator needs an experienced hand always. We have the best deal on elevators and if you are looking for the best elevator then you should choose us!

3.What are the characteristics of passenger elevator?

Passenger elevators are used primarily to carry passengers, but also to carry daily items of suitable weight and size.Suitable for high-rise residential buildings, office buildings, hotels or restaurants and other public places with large personnel flow.Its cage interior decoration requirements are higher, operating comfort requirements are strict, with good lighting and ventilation facilities.In order to limit the number of passengers, the cage has a limited area and a large proportion of width and depth to facilitate personnel access.In order to improve the operation efficiency, it runs faster.Derived varieties are residential elevators, sightseeing elevators and so on.
The main features of the passenger elevator are, it helps to carry passengers. For people who have age problems or knee problems for the passenger elevator is always ideal. It helps to shift passengers from one floor to another floor. It's a safe and secure way to shift people from one place to another. There are several public places like airports and hotels where people carry luggage, using passenger lifts you can shift with you your language very easily. Safety also important and safety plays an important role here. Passenger life can be any shape and size as per your need.

4.How to choose the right passenger elevator?

The first is to determine the location of the building, the second is to determine the flow of people, the third is to consider the waiting time, the fourth is to determine the speed and load of the elevator.
In terms of safety, it is necessary to consider whether to meet the requirements of two-way safety, followed by the form of buffer, and the third is how to first aid after power failure.
Several factors play an important role. First, you have to identify the proper elevator based on your location. To install an elevator you need proper space. We need minimum space for this. Once you select the place, then you have to choose what type of passenger elevator you need like metal-based, complete glass, or any other type of elevator. Once you select then you have to choose the best manufacturers who can produce the best quality elevator parts and equipment. Then you need to hire a local installer to install the elevator easily.

5.What problems should be paid attention to when installing passenger elevator?

1. The structure and layout of the machine room and the well must meet the requirements of the elevator layout.2. The main power switch must comply with the regulations.3. The well must comply with the regulations.4. Meet the requirements of the machine room before delivery to the elevator contractor.5. Provide access and handling space for equipment to enter the elevator according to the requirements of the elevator contractor.6. Do a good job of safety protection at the elevator entrance before the elevator is installed.
When you are going to install a passenger’s elevator, there are several things you have to consider. if you don't have much technical knowledge ask your manufacturer to know more details. Always check twice the structure of the elevator and the size and legth of the elevator. You have to understand the layout of the elevator and check whether you need a power switch or not. Power switch, brake switch, and alarm are features that every passenger needs requirement. You have to also check the machine room before delivering the items. The elevator is a modern invention and the lift is completely safe for commercial and personal use. Currently, more than 1 million people are using elevators. This is completely safe and good for many purposes. It helps people to up and down very easily from one floor to another floor easily. For those who are patient or disable to move or prefer a wheelchair, the elevator is the best option

6.What problems will the passenger elevator encounter in daily use? How to solve?

Problem 1: Passengers get stuck in the elevator
Solution: Passengers should remain calm and wait for rescue. Don't climb out of the elevator by themselves.
At the same time, find the emergency alarm device in the elevator, or tap the car or call the cell phone to send out a distress signal.
After that, passengers should wait in the elevator for professional personnel to open the door and rescue. They should not take wrong self-help actions such as prying open the door or digging the door without authorization.
Problem 2: the elevator does not open or close properly, or the elevator does not operate after closing
Solution: At this point, you can press the close button to close the door again. If the opening and closing is not normal or the elevator still cannot operate after closing the door, you should stop using the elevator.
Question 2: When there is a fire
Solution: in case of fire, the elevator should be stopped immediately. Passengers should not use the elevator to escape.Keep passengers calm, organize the evacuation of passengers, make them leave the car, and leave by the stairs.Place the elevator in a "stop" state, close the door by hand and cut off the main power supply.
Problem 3: When the ladder is stopped due to a power failure or malfunction
Solution: Elevator management personnel or maintenance personnel should first determine whether there are personnel in the car, can use intercom telephone, monitoring devices, propaganda and other ways to contact the personnel in the car;
People in the car should get in touch with the outside world timely by pressing the alarm bell, using the car talking device, and dialing the emergency telephone number in the car.
There are different types of elevators available in the market and you may choose any type of elevator as per your need and requirement. You can install for commercial use like in a shopping mall, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airport, etc. for personal, you can install an elevator for building or your properties. If you will add a personal elevator in your building, it will increase property value. If you have an elevator on your property and you want to sell it, you can get double resale value. Passenger elevators mainly for commercial use. Try to choose the best types of passenger elevators for you!.

7.How to maintain passenger elevator?

Elevator needs regular maintenance, it can find out the defects of wire rope, elevator components and other problems more quickly, and can ensure the safety of passengers.
1. The safety management personnel shall carry out daily patrol inspection, and inform the maintenance staff to carry out on-site detection once the elevator is found abnormal.
2. Professional maintenance companies require routine maintenance.
If you are going to install a passenger elevator then you have to maintain it properly. Company or people need daily maintenance so that it will never create any type of problem. You have to check lift capacity, brake, wire rope, and other components. This is all about safety measures. Safety is very important and every employee needs safety. Proper safety measurement is very essential and ideal. You can hire professional local people who can check passenger elevators. Many business owners prefer the elevator as an affordable source of business. They prefer it because it increases their property value and luxuries as well. But there are some places like hospitals and hotels where the elevator is necessary because people prefer to move using the elevator. Choose the best deal now!

8.Which buildings are suitable for installation of passenger elevator?

Normal elevators are classified according to the location of machine room. Then there is bai elevator (upper machine room) at the top of the well, Bai elevator (lower machine room) at the bottom of the well, and bai elevator (no machine room) with machine room inside the well.
In terms of car size, abstract terms such as "small" and "very large" are often used.
In addition, there are double - deck car elevator.
Passenger elevators are best for hotels, airports, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, etc. In those areas, there are lots of people who want to shift from one place to another. For them, the passenger elevator plays an important role. It helps to move from one floor to another floor very easily. Passenger elevators are safe and as per their size, it helps to move together lots of people. If you will install a small capacity elevator you will be able to move with 3-4 people and if you choose a large size with a high capacity you will be able to move with 10-12 people together. Based on space and budget you have to decide!

9.How much does it cost to install a passenger elevator?

Factors affecting elevator price:
1, household elevator brand: different products ZHI brand elevator prices are definitely different.
The price difference between imported elevator brands and domestic elevator brands is very large.
For elevators of the same brand, you choose different configurations, different functions and prices.
The gap is also wide.
2. Driving modes of household elevators: At present, household elevators are mainly domestic elevators with traction, hydraulic pressure and screw driving modes.
Therefore, the price of the elevator varies according to the driving mode.
3. Functional configuration of household elevators: there are differences in materials, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, component durability and quality.
If you want to install a passenger elevator then definitely you have to invest a huge amount. Before investing in an amount, it’s always better to analyze and take advice from an experienced consultant. If you will choose our company then we have an experienced advisor who will provide you advice regarding the elevator size, shape, and quality. They will also provide you price quotes. You have to check price quotes, analysis, and research from other sites and then select the deal! We always provide the best package which other companies are unable to offer you!

10.Is the passenger elevator safe?

Lifts are regularly repaired and are safe to ride.
So when we take the elevator, we should pay attention to the maintenance time, beyond the deadline, timely remind the relevant staff, for their own safety more attention.
During installation, always check safety measures. If a company took all types of safety measures properly, then a passenger elevator is safe. It is safe because it offers several benefits. Passenger elevators are always providing safety measures and they never create any kind of problem but emergency problems can occur any time. Daily maintenance and proper installation always provide the best safety.

11.How to detect and control the quality of passenger elevator?

1. The elevators put into use after the installation or modification of passenger elevators shall be inspected in accordance with the relevant regulations for the contents specified in the acceptance inspection. The elevators in use shall be inspected periodically in accordance with the regulations and shall be inspected once a year.
2. In case of natural disasters or equipment accidents that may affect the safety and technical performance, elevators that have ceased to be used for more than one year shall be inspected in accordance with the requirements of acceptance inspection after the overhaul of the equipment.
Quality is the main key for the elevator. If you will choose quality products it will last long. If you want to install a quality elevator for your business, then you should choose us! Most of the aged people prefer elevators to up and down during their journey at the hotel or airport or hospital as well. In the hospital, not only patients but doctors and sometimes surgical instruments also moving from one floor to another. Using elevator nurses, doctors, and other patients easily reach any floor whenever they need. Passenger elevators are always important because it offers a lavish service.

12.How long is the service life of passenger elevator?

The mandatory scrapping period of elevators is 15-25 years, and the following conditions should be considered for scrapping :
1. The building is designed with only one elevator; 
2.The service time reaches 15 years;
Having a spare ladder for 18 years;
3. Where the production has been explicitly stopped by the state and the operation time exceeds 15 years;
4. The equipment is seriously defective;
5. Other basic conditions for safe operation cannot be guaranteed.
For elevators that have reached the end of their useful life but do not renew temporarily, the elevator detection agency shall carry out technical appraisal of the elevators.
Those that can continue to be used after appraisal;
The detection period was shortened to 6 months.
So, the above-stated points already show the life span of a passenger elevator. Daily proper maintenance increases the life span of an elevator. Elevator maintenance is very important because it’s a completely electrical instrument. Proper elevator maintenance help to move it properly without any problem. The elevator is made of metal and it is operated by high voltage electricity. So, if you can’t maintain it properly, it can make any major accidents. So, you have to do proper maintenance of the elevator whenever need! It’s essential and important as well. You have to hire a maintenance team who will maintain its parts, door, and electrical portions properly, and then it will run smoothly. Elevator accidents are very dangerous it can harm badly. So, be aware of them and start elevator maintenance properly.

13.What is the approximate size and load capacity of OTSTEC Passenger Elevator?

Take the size of common passenger elevator car as an example :630kg (8 people) Car size :1400x1100, shaft size: 1700x1650,
800kg(10 persons) Car size :1400x1350, shaft size: 1900x2100
If you will choose us for the passenger elevator, then you have to choose minimum load capacity before that it’s not possible. You can select the maximum capacity for the passenger elevator. You have to place an order whenever you wish! We OTSTEC is one of the best companies who are ready to produce different types of elevators in different shapes and sizes. We have an experienced team of designers and engineers who can measure your space and as per space they will draw elevator size and approve it by you.

14.What constitutes Passenger Elevator?

The structure of the elevator consists of four Spaces and eight Systems.
Four Spaces: machine room part, well and pit part, cage part, floor part.
Eight systems: traction system, guide system, cage, door system, weight balance system, electric drive system, electrical control system, safety protection system.
Elevators not only save space and cost, but also provide the most space-valued elevator solutions for high-rise residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, government agencies, schools, and various public buildings. The elevator is a modern invention and the lift is completely safe for commercial and personal use. Currently, more than 1 million people are using elevators. This is completely safe and good for many purposes. It helps people to up and down very easily from one floor to another floor easily. Choose the best passenger elevator online now!

15.As a Passenger Elevator manufacturer, what services OTSTEC can provide you?

To provide customers with safe and fast elevator quality products and quality elevator installation, repair and maintenance.Our company in line with the "customer first, quality first, quality and cheap, lifelong service" policy, wholeheartedly for the user service.
Let the customer buy at ease, with the satisfaction, with the safe purpose of service.
Most of the elevators are using for commercial purposes. But for the elevator, proper installation is very important. You have to choose a reputed and authentic company that has a license for elevator installation because during use any accident occurs within the elevator that includes in the law and it’s punishable. Electrical elevators or hydraulic elevators are mainly used for commercial purposes. Mainly they are equipped in a way so that it helps to lift heavy load materials from one floor to another floor. A commercial elevator can carry up to 6 thousand pounds of weight.
We always ready to provide you the best service. We always offer tasted and verified products at the best price. We always provide the best quality passenger elevator at the best price now!
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We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and 
escalator field.




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