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Passenger Elevator Manufacturer and Supplier from China

OTSTEC is a professional passenger elevator manufacturer and supplier
in China.
We have full capabilities to manufacture elevators and lift with smooth operation, comfortable rides, good safety and high reliability. We can provide you with MRL passenger elevator and SMR elevator.
Send us your design drawing or specifications.
We are going to offer you a perfect passenger elevator and lift.

Standard Elevator

As Your Professional Passenger Elevator Supplier,OTSTEC will Provide You...

As your professional passenger elevator manufacturer,OTSTEC will provide you

Human comfort

We provide high-grade elevators for hot spots with special air conditioners for elevators to keep the cars cool and comfortable.

security function

ARD available
E120 available

Fast and silent

We use a gearless motor from xizi Otis. The speed of the elevator can even reach 8m/s.
The car adopts industry-leading sound insulation technology to make the noise value in the car <55dB when the elevator is in operation.

Environmental protection

OTSTEC passenger elevators use gearless permanent magnet synchronous hosts, 
free lubrication design, no need to change oil frequently.
Carbin uses LED lighting, it saves energy and has longer service. 


SMR passenger elevator and lift

SMR passenger elevator and lift adopts compact host and narrow control cabinet, which can greatly reduce the machine room area,and take advantage of the space of original machine room effectively, so that the elevator and architectural design will be integrated.


MRL passenger elevator and lift

MRL passenger elevator and lift breaks the inherent mode of installing a machine room,the compact host and narrow control cabinet are directly place on the shaftway, so as to provide a larger lift car and a spacious environment in the same shaftway. 

Know More About the Technology and Functions of OTSTEC Passenger Elevator and Lift

Advanced Parts Technical Support has made OTSTEC the Leading Passenger 

Elevator Manufacturer and Supplier

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne

It uses rare earth materials, fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency technologywith group computer control technology, high-efficient and energy saving, with minimum operation cost,low heat loss, and extremely high efficiency, can save up to 40% energy compared with general traditional technology. ​​​​​​​

Door System

The application of advanced VVVVF control technology into elevator door machine system ensures thesmooth and quiet door opening andclosing, increases the sensitivity of elevator door opening and closing, and automatically adjusts the most appropriate opening and closing speed for each landing,ensures safety and reliability.

VVVF New Controller

It can automatically adjust the current and precisely control the torque of the host machine according to the load of the car, 
fully making the elevator stable and comfortable.

Why Choose OTSTEC as Your Passenger Elevator and Lift Manufacturer?​​​​​​​

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    6s management

    We use 6s management:SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE and SECURITY. Tidy and clean environment make staff happy and improve work efficiency.
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    Designed from Germany

    Our engineers are from German.
    We use the best parts for each elevator,the motor is XIZI or ACT,the door operator and door header is NBSL or Fermator, control system is Monarch or Step.
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    Good after-sales service

    In addition to the high quality elevator, we also have good after-sales service.
    Respond promptly and resolve problems as soon as possible to ensure use.
    If there is any problem in product quality, the company will repair and replace spare parts free of charge.
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    Strict quality inspection​​​​​​​

    Quality control for each elevator. 
    Strictly follow quality control procedures, avoid common quality failures, ensure quality assurance, and provide customers with products in full compliance with relevant contracts and standards.

OTSTEC-One of the Best Passenger Elevator 

Factory and Company in China

 Over 25 years of passenger elevator manufacturing experience
 Adopted as the passenger elevator manufacturer in more than 20 countries worldwide
 Integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into a whole
 Achieve A-class mrl passenger elevator and lift manufacturing license