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High Quality Observation Elevator Companies and Suppliers From China

OTSTEC provides high-quality and beautiful observation elevator and lift to customers from all over the world, which can add modernity and beauty to customers' buildings.
OTSTEC can customize the observation elevator and lift according to the customer's construction and needs.
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OTSTEC's Observation Lift: A Variety of Elevator Decoration Styles to Choose From

Why Choose OTSTEC as Your Observation Elevator and Lift Manufacturer?


Free Design

We will provide free designs from German engineers to ensure that the products meet your needs.

6S Management

We use 6s management: SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE and SECURITY to promote employee work efficiency.

Quality Control

Carry out quality control on each elevator and strictly abide by the quality control procedures to ensure the effective operation of the quality assurance and quality control system.

Parts Quality Assurance

We use the best parts for each elevator, the motor is XIZI or ACT, the door opener and door header are NBSL or Fermator, and the control system is Monarch or Step.

As Your Professional Observation Elevator and Lift Company,OTSTEC Will Provide You…

Perfect vision Perfect vision
OTSTEC observation elevator and lift uses a large area of glass curtain wall to create a perfect view.
High security High security
OTSTEC observation elevator and lift adopts high-safety laminated glass material to ensure pedestrian safety.
Safety performance Safety performance
OTSTEC observation elevators are usually used in open environments, so effective control of the entry and exit of personnel is essential.
Laminated glass Laminated glass
With anti-radiation function, not only can prevent energy loss, but also can effectively sound insulation.

Know more about the technology and functions of OTSTEC observation lift 

Advanced Parts Technical Support has Made OTSTEC 

the Leading Observation Elevator and Lift Company

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne​​​​​​​

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne​​​​​​​

It uses rare earth materials, fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency technologywith group computer control technology, high-efficient and energy saving, with minimum operation cost,low heat loss, and extremely high efficiency. 

Door System

The application of advanced VVVVF control technology into elevator door machine system ensures thesmooth and quiet door opening andclosing, increases the sensitivity of elevator door opening and closing.


VVVF New Controller

It can automatically adjust the current and precisely control the torque of the host machine according to the load of the car, fully making the elevator stable and comfortable.

OTSTEC-One of the Best Observation Elevator Manufacturers in China

Over 25 years of  observation elevator manufacturing experience
Integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into a whole
Free design is available for you. 
We can also use your appointed brand
The best choice for customer observation lifts in more than 20 countries around the world

Production Flow

We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into.
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and escalator field.
Quality Checking