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Professional Cargo Elevator Lift Manufacturer and Company from China

OTSTEC is a company specializing in the manufacture of cargo elevators 
and lift.
We can provide customers with a large-capacity, safe and stable cargo elevator and lift, and we can tailor a cargo elevator and lift for your building.
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A Variety of Cargo Elevator Decoration for You to Choose

  • inside-elevator1

    Machine room elevator​​​​​​​

    Small machine room passenger elevator adopts compact host and narrow control cabinet, which can greatly reduce the machine room area,and take advantage of the space of original machine room effectively, so that the elevator and architectural design will be integrated.
  • inside-elevator2

    Machine-roomless elevator

    Machine roomless passenger elevator breaks the inherent mode of installing a machine room,the compact host and narrow control cabinet are directly place on the shaftway, so as to provide a larger lift car and a spacious environment in the same shaftway. 

Advanced Parts Technical Support has Made OTSTEC the Leading 

 Commercial Cargo Lift Manufacturer

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machlne​​​​​​​

Permanent Magnet Synchronous And Gearless Traction Machine​​​​​​​

It uses rare earth materials, fully integrates coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency technologywith group computer control technology, high-efficient and energy saving, with minimum operation cost,low heat loss, and extremely high efficiency. 
Door System

Door System

The application of advanced VVVVF control technology into elevator door machine system ensures thesmooth and quiet door opening andclosing, increases the sensitivity of elevator door opening and closing.


VVVF New Controller

It can automatically adjust the current and precisely control the torque of the host machine according to the load of the car, fully making the elevator stable and comfortable.

Know More About the Technology and Functions of OTSTEC Commercial Cargo Elevator 

As Your Professional Cargo Elevator and Lift Manufacturer,

OTSTEC Will Provide You…

Superior performance

Suitable for factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places.

Quiet operation

Gearless synchronous transmission, noise and vibration are greatly improved.

Environmental protection advantages

Gearless permanent magnet synchronous main engine, lubrication-free design, no need to change the oil frequently.

Energy-saving advantages

Low starting current and high transmission efficiency. Compared with traditional traction machines, it directly saves 30% of electricity.

Large tonnage load

The maximum load can reach 5000 kg, which can easily solve your problem of vertical transportation of goods.

Space saving

The permanent magnet synchronous main engine is light in weight, compact in structure, small in size, and effectively utilizes the space in the hoistway.

Why Choose OTSTEC as Your Cargo Elevator and Lift Manufacturer?

Professional design Professional design
We have professional engineers from Germany to provide you with the 
most professional elevator design services.
High-quality parts High-quality parts
We use the best parts for each elevator, the motor is XIZI or ACT, the door opener and door header are NBSL or Fermator, and the control system is Monarch or Step.
Quality Control Quality Control
We strictly abide by the quality control procedures, step up to avoid common quality defects, and provide customers with products that comply with relevant contracts and standards.
cargo elevator Rich experience
We have many years of experience in manufacturing cargo elevators, and many times of exporting cargo elevators overseas.

OTSTEC-One of the Best Cargo Lift Manufacturers in China

- Has national specially equipment manufacture A level certificate and installation motorization repairing A level, and also TUV energy efficiency A level certificate and products with CE certificate. 
- More than 25 years of cargo elevator manufacturing experience.
- Engineers from Germany ensure the advanced and quality of commercial cargo elevator.
- Dedicated quality inspection to ensure that every link of production meets production standards

Production Flow

We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into.
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the cargo elevator and escalator field.
Quality Checking
Quality Checking

Frequently Asked Question

  • What advantages your elevators have?

    We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
  • What’s the necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?

    For elevators
    1).How many people loading? (6persons means 450kg, 8persons means 630kg, 10persons means 800kg,13persons means 1000kg etc.)
    2).How many floors does the elevator travel?
    3).What’s the shaft size? Shaft width and shaft depth?
    4).Is there a machine room on top of the shaft?
    For escalators or moving sidewalk:
    Travel height, incline degree and step width
    When we get the answers, we can design exact elevator or escalator and make formal quotation to you.
  • What is your terms of packing?

    Generally, we packed our goods by solid wood case,
    If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
  • What is your terms of delivery?

  • How about your delivery time?

    Generally, it will take 25 to 30 days after you confirm the elevator (escalator) specification and drawing, and receiving your advance payment.
  • How to do the elevator installation and maintenance?

    We will send installation & maintaining manual along with the escalator in the container.
    Our suggestion is to hire a professional local company for installation and future maintaining,once you need any technical assistant from us, just don't  hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.
    Technician will be sent to the job site if necessary.
  • Payment terms?

    T/T, irrevocable L/C at sight etc.
    If you have another question, please feel free to contact us.
  • Can we visit your factory before we order?

    Yes of course, you're welcome to visit us. Our company is near to Shanghai airport.

Cargo Elevator FAQ Guide

1.What is cargo elevator?
2.What are the types of cargo elevator?
3.What are the characteristics of the cargo elevator?
4.What are the functions of the cargo elevator?
5.How much can the cargo elevator load??
6.How much budget is needed for cargo elevator installation?
7.How to choose the right cargo elevator?
8.What configuration options are available for the cargo elevator?
9.What are the functions of the cargo elevator host?
10.How to solve the problem of cargo elevator?
11.Is the quality of the cargo elevator guaranteed?
12.Is the cargo elevator safe?
13.How much space is needed for cargo elevator installation?
14.How to maintain the cargo elevator daily?
15.As a cargo elevator manufacturer, what service can Otstec provide to customers?

1.What is cargo elevator?

A cargo elevator is an elevator used to carry goods.Cargo elevator is a large mechanical and electrical equipment with high degree of automation.
The cargo elevator has a gear traction machine: the power of the drag device is transferred to the traction wheel through the intermediate reducer. The reducer usually adopts worm gear drive (also useful helical gear drive). The motor of this traction machine has AC or DC, which is generally used in the low-speed elevator.
A cargo elevator is one of the best ways to carry commercial products. Mainly this type of elevator is best for commercial purposes. The main purpose is to carry huge quantities of weighty products or materials from one place to another. You can keep heavy machinery, instruments, raw materials and chemicals, and other products as well. Several big companies prefer cargo elevators for their building construction purpose or any other purposes. If you are planning to build a cargo elevator for your purpose, then you should choose Otstec company. We are one of the best elevator installers and we are a manufacturer as well. we offer a superior quality product which lasts long.

2.What are the types of cargo elevator?

Hydraulic lift cargo ladder, mobile lift, electric lift, hydraulic lift platform, hydraulic axle, rail lift and a series of products.
There are different types of cargo elevators available in the market and you may choose any one as per your need. 

Hydraulic lift cargo ladder - Hydraulic lift is one type of lift operated by a cylinder and its pressure on a liquid moves a piston upward. Here, the valve opens to release the oil and it helps to move easily. Using this type of lift, you can up materials and down easily.

Mobile lift - Mobile lift denotes the small type of lift. Using this type of lift employees or labor able to keep boxes, products in a row or size. Need to operate it by a person. And from down to up and up to down small quantity materials able to move. This type of elevator is perfect for manufacturing plants.

Hydraulic lift platform - It is one type of mechanical device and it has great height. This type of elevator is the best for manufacturing units and plants.

Hydraulic axle – This is another type of elevator that is perfect for up and down. For small and medium-size work, this type of elevator is perfect. 

Rail lift – This is another type of lift that is perfect for rail.

3.What are the characteristics of the cargo elevator?

The fixed hydraulic cargo elevator is a kind of good lifting stability, wide application range of goods lifting equipment is mainly used for the production line height difference between goods transport;
Material on-line and offline;
Adjust the height of the workpiece during assembly;
High feeder feeding: large equipment assembly parts lift;
Large machine tool loading and unloading: warehouse loading and unloading place and forklift and other handling vehicles for quick loading and unloading of goods
Cargo elevator is the best for the goods lifting. There are several sectors like manufacturing, building, production for these purposes, a cargo elevator will be ideal. you can make any type of cargo elevator with any shape and size. You just need to identify the proper place where you want to install a cargo lift. Once you understand, after that you should consult with an experienced company for this purpose. It requires a professional hand because it has a large number of assembly parts. It helps to load and unload materials and products very easily. You can do large quantity product shifting easily using this lift.

4.What are the functions of the cargo elevator?

The cargo elevator has a variety of styles (single cylinder double guide rail, single cylinder four guide rail, double cylinder four guide rail), with convenient installation and maintenance, easy to operate, according to the actual environment of the specific site, production and manufacture suitable for their own lift cargo elevator.
1. Automatic leveling: the plane automatically moves to the position of the ladder layer.
2. Arrive prompt: it has the function of arrival button light prompt.
3, multi-station unloading: after loading from a certain layer, it can be discharged in turn.
4. Call and command outside the hall: call the ladder or command platform outside the hall to other floors.
5, power failure can operate the flat layer function, convenient for timely removal of goods.
There are different types of cargo elevators available in the market. Now, based on your need and requirement, you have to choose the best cargo elevator always. A cargo elevator is always the best option because it’s very simple to operate and very easy to maintain. For production units, manufacturing units, this type of elevator is always the best option. It has an automatic leveling option. It has a different power button and using those buttons you will be able to up and down easily. cargo is always a better option because simple to operate and once you buy this, it will provide you long-term benefit. It helps to run production fast!

5.How much can the cargo elevator load?

There are different types of cargo elevators available and you can build any shape and size as per your requirement. If you have a small quantity product and want to up and down then build a small cargo elevator. If you need large quantity production, then you should choose a big size. A cargo elevator maximum can load up to 1000 kg to 5000 kg. You can use it for huge quantity products and this helps to improve the production process and make your production process fast. These much a cargo elevator load always. Contact us to know more details about the installation of cargo elevators and their many parts.

6.How much budget is needed for cargo elevator installation?

Based on space, area, materials, costing will decide. Now, whether you need complete product and installation or you need only superior quality cargo elevator parts and install later using local engineers! You have to analyze and calculate many facts and terms and conditions and then need to make a decision. If you choose the best quality elevator which lasts long, then you should contact Otstec. We are one of the best elevator manufacturing companies that can offer elevators at $7000! Contact us for a complete quotation. First, identify your requirement and then send us your details requirement and we will deliver a quote within time.

7.How to choose the right cargo elevator?

When choosing the right cargo elevator, price, configuration and other factors are more important, but the customer should first understand the service target, transport capacity, performance and civil engineering design requirements of the cargo elevator, so as to be more conducive to the selection of suitable cargo elevator.
Specific reference should be made from the following aspects:
1. Actual conditions of the well: the cargo elevator must be installed in a closed well environment.
The actual conditions of the well determine the specifications and dimensions of the cargo elevator, including the width, depth, pit and actual conditions of the machine room.
2. Rated load-carrying capacity
The load-carrying capacity of the cargo elevator specified in the manufacturing or design is the main parameter of the cargo elevator, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
3. Rated speed
The cargo elevator speed specified in the manufacture or design, unit is meters/second, is the main parameter of the cargo elevator.
4. Car size;
Generally speaking, the car size of cargo elevator can be understood as the outer diameter size and the inner diameter size, expressed as the width * depth * height, but the former is more used by customers, while the latter is more used by cargo elevator manufacturers.
The reason is that customers think more about the effect of their own use. It is more convenient for cargo elevator manufacturers to calculate the well size on this basis, so customers need to determine the specific car size.
5. Lifting height
The height of the cargo elevator from the bottom to the top must be accurately measured, because the lifting height determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder.
6. The height of the top floor
The cargo elevator has a height from the bottom to the top, which is also important, because the height of the top floor must meet the national acceptance standards.
7. The number of station, concourse and car doors has a considerable effect on the price.
The best benefit is, as it is good for heavyweight equipment and machinery, so this type of elevator has a large door for opening. It’s completely free to enter and exit. You will also get the best quality cabin that is durable and long-lasting. If you will choose a reputed manufacturer and supplier like us, you will get the best quality cargo elevator which lasts long. You can easily carry heavy materials using this elevator and you can run and stop anytime you wish! Another best feature is, it can transport huge quantity goods from one floor to another floor very easily. you have to choose the right type of cargo elevator for your business. Once you choose the right type, it will last long. analysis and find out what type of elevator will be best for your manufacturing plant.

8.What configuration options are available for the cargo elevator?

Machine room: speed limiter, motor, lock gate, line slot, motor base, encoder, laissez faire device, emergency electric or maintenance device, control cabinet (control loop, signal loop, safety loop, drive module, contactor relay, power supply, radiator, etc.) socket, distribution box, intercom

Car: car frame, guardrail, car roof, car wall, bottom row, bottom beam, weighing (may also be installed on the rope head), control panel, display, inspection device, signal device, car door, opening and closing device, emergency light, lighting, alarm device, safety window (option), safety clamp, mechanical lock (option), interphone

Wellway: guide rail, signal device, cable, compensation device, hall door, safety door (option), lighting

Bottom pit: buffer and base, tightening wheel, emergency stop, socket, intercom

Though this is completely technical but still we add some information which is stated above. You can get an idea about the configuration. If you are looking for the best cargo elevator for your business, then you should choose Otstec. They are one of the best manufacturing companies who provide the best quality cargo elevator as per your need and requirement. Cargo elevators have different types of functions and it helps to transport heavyweight and loaded materials from one floor to another floor very easily. If you will choose this elevator, it helps to save your money. You don’t need to hire an employee for this purpose. It has a large load capacity which helps to move materials, equipment, machinery from one place to another place. It provides stable operation as well.

9.What are the functions of the cargo elevator host?

Geared tractor: The power of the drag device is transferred to the traction wheel through the intermediate reducer
Traction machine, in which reducer usually adopts worm drive (also helical gear drive), the motor of this kind of traction machine has AC, also has DC, generally used in low speed elevator.
The drag ratio is usually 35:2.
If the motor power of the traction machine is transmitted to the traction wheel through the reducer, it is called the geared traction machine, which is generally used for the low and medium speed elevator below 2.5m /s.
Based on engineers' analysis, it will also install. You have to analyze first how many floors you want to build within the building then you have to contact the Otstec employees. They will analyze the building area, floor details and then provide you feedback on what type of cargo elevator will be best for you. Now, based on your building floor, you should choose the best cargo types. A cargo elevator is one of the best ways to carry heavy-weight goods from one floor to another. Contact us now to know more details.

10.How to solve the problem of cargo elevator?

Cargoer failure refers to the phenomenon that the cargo elevator can not work normally or seriously affect the ride comfort, or even cause personal injury or equipment accident due to the abnormal occurrence of components in the electrical control system or mechanical parts of the cargo elevator.
1. The local loop fuse often burns out the component or the wire hits the ground, and the location of the collision will be dealt with as appropriate. 2.
3, the main circuit fuse is often burnt out (or the main circuit switch is often switched), the fuse capacity is too small dark rated current use appropriate fuse.
4. If the starting and braking time is set too long or too short, adjust the starting and braking time according to the technical instruction of cargo elevator.
It’s always better to hire a local engineer who will take care of your elevator daily basis. If you want to use your elevator daily constantly, then it’s always better to hire a permanent elevator engineer who will maintain it properly. That reduces the number of problems. Before select anything, you have to choose the best manufacturer for this purpose. If you will select the best manufacturer for this purpose, then you will get several benefits. To select the right cargo elevator, you have to check space and building type. You have to finalize what type of cargo elevator you need for your building and then select the company.

11.Is the quality of the cargo elevator guaranteed?

A cargo elevator is an elevator used to transport goods, usually accompanied by an attendant.
It serves the fixed lifting equipment of the specified floor, and requires the structure to be firm and safe. In order to save the investment of the power device and ensure the good level accuracy, it often takes a lower rated speed, and the volume of the car is usually re 
latively wide.
The key to the safe and reliable operation of a new cargo elevator after the installation, commissioning and inspection is the safe management, perfect maintenance and reasonable use of the cargo elevator by the user.
Therefore, it can be said that "cargo elevator is three points in use, seven points by maintenance".
If you will choose us, Otstec, then quality will be guaranteed always. We are one of the best manufacturers and we have years of experience in this field. we can provide you quality service which will last a long time. once you invest, you will get the benefit for a long time. We always deliver to our clients quality products. Every elevator part is tested and verified as well. You have to check and select the best part as per your need and requirement. Our all cargo elevator parts are environment friendly and they require very little energy for consumption. We can't tell you instantly how much money need for the installation of the freight elevator. Certain things have to be considered before proceeding. Find the best deal and enjoy unlimited. always remember quality is main and for every product quality plays an important role. We always inspect, provide strong after-sale support which helps you to solve any type of problem if you get during installation.

12.Is the cargo elevator safe?

Elevator itself is a perfect transportation equipment, it uses a variety of safety measures to eliminate the fall, hit the top and other safety risks.
As long as the elevator is properly used and regularly maintained, checked, there will be no safety accidents.
The main safety protection devices are speed limiter, safety clamp and buffer.
The speed limiter is a speed detection device, usually installed in the elevator room or elevator shaft top, but also installed in the pit.
When the elevator overspeeds to the set speed of electrical action, it will cut off the safety bai road of the elevator through the electrical switch, and then cut off the system power.
If the elevator continues to exceed the speed limit due to gravity or inertia, the mechanical action device of the speed limiter will be triggered to stop the speed limiter rope from moving, thereby lifting the safety clamp.
Safety clamp is a brake device installed at the bottom of the elevator car or elevator counterweight device.
It includes two parts: a lifting mechanism and a braking mechanism.
The function of the lifting mechanism is to transfer the mechanical action of the speed limiter to the brake mechanism and make the brake mechanism act. After the brake mechanism acts, the wedge-shaped block inside the brake mechanism will jam the elevator on the guide rail and prevent the elevator from falling further.
The bumper is installed in the bottom pit of the elevator shaft.
Its function is to prevent elevator pier bottom.
At the bottom of the elevator pier, it can reduce the impact, so as to reduce the damage to the elevator itself and its passengers.
Cargo elevator includes different safety measures, so there is less chance for any type of accident. Once you install this type of elevator, your main priority will be maintained daily. Now, second, before installation, design all the safety precautions and then proceed. You can install different safety buttons to stop any type of accident. once you choose us, we will design all the safety precautions and implement them. As long as you maintain your elevator every day, there is no reason for any accident. You should check elevator control speed, its machines, equipment, etc. We offer strong customer care service. Our customers can contact us anytime they wish within office hours. We will reply within 24 hours. Ask for the quote or discuss with us your requirement and got the best advise from us always!

13.How much space is needed for Cargo elevator installation?

According to the well and car size to determine the cargo elevator installation space.
We also offer a strong customer care service. We have an experienced team who is ready to provide you updated news regarding manufacturing and then after installation, we are always ready to provide instant maintenance service. We have a large team that is always ready to maintain our client's elevator. We also provide a huge discount if you offer us more than one order. We will also install a freight elevator within time. We need base time and as per base time, we will finish the entire project. If you are facing any problem after installation, we can provide you technical guidance and help you at each step.

14.How to maintain the cargo elevator daily?

Both cargo elevator and cargo elevator all need maintenance 1, newly installed transfer at first elevator manufacturers high quality m (generally 1-2 years) 2, goods elevator daily maintenance should be carried out by professional team (state administration of quality certification) 3, goods elevator maintenance should be performed the special equipment safety supervision regulations "elevator inspection regulation of the elevator maintenance rules (GB18775) as well as the relevant national standard, the line mark and local standards.
4. The maintenance shall be carried out on time and by fixed person as scheduled. The maintenance shall be divided into half a month, monthly and annual maintenance.
5. Once the cargo elevator breaks down, the maintenance unit must arrive at the site within the specified time for maintenance.
Peacetime maintenance shall be performed by the equipment operation driver or full-time personnel of the equipment operation unit, and the equipment maintenance and maintenance unit shall have the responsibility to supervise and check the peacetime maintenance content.
The main content of maintenance at ordinary times is summarized as "cross operation method ": cleaning, fastening, smooth, adjustment, anti-corrosion.
10 to 30 minutes at the end of the class, class every day, patrol equipment parts, each part is normal, according to the rules go smooth, pay attention to sound is normal, mechanical operation of the cleaning operation is presented and the operation, to reach the equipment clean and tidy appearance, the purpose of operating normally, normal maintenance records and record is presented to make fixed form, and as the archives management.
Maintenance is very important and for the vargo elevator maintenance is required most! As it is electrical goods, maintenance is important and essential as well. You have to hire local people for this purpose. Local engineers will help you most in this case. Regular maintenance, parts check-up, and details are needed to run long. If you will choose Otstec, you will get many benefits.
We have some processes and you have to follow those processes. We are one of the best manufacturers who offer always quality products at the best price. We have already many satisfied customers and good market reviews as well. Find the best deal and enjoy unlimited. The cargo elevator is the best for heavyweight materials. To make a cargo elevator we are always best because we have the proper experience. Our all mechanics are licensed and they know how to install and design. We also have an experienced designer who will design the elevator as per your need and requirement. Contact us or ask us for the perfect price quote.

15.As a cargo elevator manufacturer, what service can Otstec provide to customers?

Otstec is one of the professional manufacturers of domestic lift, lift platform, lift ladder, fixed lift, mobile lift platform, unloading platform.
Is a collection of hydraulic lifting machinery research and development, is the contract and trustworthy units.
Since the establishment of the company for many years, the production equipment is excellent, equipment welding all for advanced mechanical automatic welding technology, all equipment are produced by the leading technology of the assembly line operation, advanced and reasonable process, complete detection means, strong technical force;
Products a total of eight series, more than 60 varieties, mainly to undertake various non-standard product design and production, complete specifications, quality assurance, the production of lift, lift platform to meet the national industry standard, widely used in construction, factories, logistics, interior decoration, electric power, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, hotels, gymnasium, mine, dock, station, workshop, supermarket, hall and other aerial work and industrial production lines and the cargo up and down between floors;
Products are sold throughout the country, by the majority of users praise.
We are one of the best elevator manufacturers and we provide the best service always. We provide different types of cargo elevators for your business. You can choose any type of cargo elevator as per your business and need. We provide quality products which last a long time. We offer always tasted and verified products and equipment for elevators. We have the fastest process line and we deliver product within time. We also guide you whenever you need. We also provide manual guidance for installation. During installation, engineers can check those and follow those steps to install it.
We, Otstec also offer the best quality service and we provide strong after-sale service as well. Contact us to know more details and ask for the quote as well. We deliver superior quality services at the best price.
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We integrate design, manufacture, sales, after service, installation, maintain into
On the whole, each of our staff has experience, in the elevator and 
escalator field.




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