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 Super high and large entrance space
 With overload protection device
 Precision circuit control and display system
 Equipped with safety guide

Provide One-stop Solution for Car Lift Elevator

The vehicle-mounted elevator can also be called a car elevator, which is a special elevator that solves the problem of vertical transportation of cars. As a professional elevator company in China, OTSTEC can provide a one-stop solution for your vehicle elevator, save your time and cost, and get more efficient services. In addition to vehicle elevators, we also provide high-quality home elevators, passenger elevators, and moving walks. You can choose the right products according to your needs.

Automated Production Process

Our automobile elevators production workshop is equipped with standardized automatic production equipment, scientific and efficient production methods, which can improve the production efficiency of car elevators while ensuring the quality of the products.

Provide Accessories that Enhance the Personalization of Car Elevator

OTSTEC has been engaged in the elevator manufacturing industry for many years. Know the potential needs of consumers. Therefore, we provide you with a variety of styles, materials, and price optional accessories, so that you can find the car elevator that suits your preferences and the needs of architectural visits.

Our optional accessories can make our car elevators become more diversified and high investment ratio so that you can get more possibilities. 

Motor System Closely Following the Development of World Elevator Technology

 Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine
 VVVF new controller
Door system

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Why Choose OTSTEC Vehicle Elevator?

Professional German engineer

We have brought in professional German senior engineers with high salaries to escort the development and production of vehicle elevators, which ensures that our car elevators have the world's advanced level, so that you can enjoy a higher level, more advanced and more intelligent car lift elevators.

Competitive price

Since we are a direct manufacturer of commercial car elevators from China, we can directly provide you with automobile elevators at a discounted price, which is extremely competitive in the market.

Quality Inspection Center

We have a scientific quality inspection center. The staff participate in every link of the car elevator production, strictly control every detail, filter out unqualified products in time, save time and cost while improving the quality of production, and ensure that you receive a satisfactory automobile elevators.

Strong technical support

As a leading elevator manufacturer in China, we have a strong knowledge reserve and technical strength, and we can provide excellent technical support for your vehicle elevator so that you can obtain a vehicle elevator with high technical level and let you experience the benefits of technology. Unique enjoyment.

Customized production

We provide you with personalized customized production services, so that the on-board elevator can be well adapted to your construction site and needs.Come and contact us to get the price information of the car lift.

Scientific enterprise management system

Our company has established a scientific and efficient corporate management system and implemented 6S flat management rules, SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY. It can effectively improve the production level and production efficiency of the elevator workshop.

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Attentive Service

Deliver on time Deliver on time
In order to protect your interests, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible without delaying your plan.
Worry-free after-sales Worry-free after-sales
OTSTEC provides you with comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that your rights are not harmed.
Efficient reply Efficient reply
Our professional team will provide you with help and solutions 24 hours a day online.
Maintenance service Maintenance service
We will pay regular visits to your elevator usage, and we will also do a good job of maintenance in time.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Q What advantages your elevators have?

    A We use the best parts for our elevators, gearless motor from xizi Otis, door operator from Shenling or Wittur, control system from Monarch or STEP etc. All these parts from the biggest and the best suppliers in the world.
  • Q What’s the necessary information should be provided before purchasing an elevator?

    A For elevators
    1).How many people loading? (6persons means 450kg, 8persons means 630kg, 10persons means 800kg,13persons means 1000kg etc.)
    2).How many floors does the elevator travel?
    3).What’s the shaft size? Shaft width and shaft depth?
    4).Is there a machine room on top of the shaft?
    For escalators or moving sidewalk:
    Travel height, incline degree and step width
    When we get the answers, we can design exact elevator or escalator and make formal quotation to you.
  • Q What is your terms of packing?

    A Generally, we packed our goods by solid wood case,
    If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
  • Q What is your terms of delivery?


Vehicle Elevator FAQ Guide

1. What is a vehicle elevator?
2. How does a vehicle elevator work?
3. Are vehicle elevators safe?
4. What does a vehicle elevator cost?
5. How much does it cost to install a vehicle elevator?
6. Is it worth getting a vehicle elevator?
7. How much weight can the vehicle elevator carry?
8. How to install a vehicle elevator?
9. What are the requirements for the installation environment of vehicle elevators?
10. How to ensure the safety of vehicle elevators?
11. How to check the quality of vehicle elevator?
12. How about the after-sales service of the vehicle elevator?
13. How do you use a vehicle elevator?
14. Which car models are suitable for vehicle elevators?
15. What services does OTSTEC provide?

1. What is a vehicle elevator?

A car and an elevator are the two most valuable elements in our modern life. Both do not only make our life easy but also help us to live a faster and higher life. With the improvement of modern technology, we got the opportunity to achieve our goals. The number of vehicles is increasing day by day and needs to parking them becoming a big problem. So here the vehicle elevator becomes the solution to this problem. Mainly, a car elevator or vehicle elevator is a different elevator that transports vehicles to another place as per the needs. So car elevators need to have sufficient capacity to carry a heavy load and transport the vehicles without any harm.
A car storage or car elevator facility is one of the best facilities because this is the perfect solution for the home garage. If you don't have much space for your car, then the car lift is the best option for you. Most of the homeowners who have storage problems or space problems prefer car lifts because using this they can able to lift any car very easily. Vehicle elevator helps to increase your garage size instantly. if you wish, you can keep two cars together using a car elevator. Its true vehicles are one type of asset because it is costly. And most people prefer to keep this asset safe.

2. How does a vehicle elevator work?

The most efficient and effective vehicle elevator is the hydraulic elevator. This is completely technical and if you want to know details then contact us. There are different types of advantages you will get if you will install a vehicle elevator. A car elevator always protects your security. You can keep your second car also within the garage. You don't need to rent anytime for the garage. Most of the families have one car but if you want to buy a second one, you can keep both in the elevator. It saves your money and costs both. Using a vehicle elevator it’s very easy to maintain your car. There are different types of vehicle elevators available and you can choose any type as per your need.

3. Are vehicle elevators safe?

There you will find so many safety standards vehicle elevators. An elevator cable is the most important thing in the safety of the elevator. But besides this, there are so many other things that play a very vital role. Some safety systems need to be ensured first. If all safety and security systems are done properly then car elevators are safe and secure. To ensure that you need to check the quality and service terms first. The cable of a car elevator also has one more safety assurance that works to balance out the movement of the car.

There are different types of car elevators available and based on your space, professionals need to analyze and provide you with a price quotation. If you think about the long term, the car elevator is profitable for you. If you don’t have much space for two cars or one car and looking for a safe and secure place within a short area, then you have to hire a professional or a company that can offer you the best car elevator solutions. They not only provide you with a price quote but also provide you with advice regarding car elevator installation. You can choose any type of car elevator which helps you to save some money and provide you with the best benefits.

4. What does a vehicle elevator cost?

The cost of a car elevator depends on various things. you have to consider different types of factors before selecting the price of the elevator. There are different top brands you will find online that help you to make the best car elevator. Now, there are different types of companies, suppliers available who offer different types of price quotes. Now, based on your area, total space, and types of car elevators, you have asked for the price quote. Always choose a company that has solid experience in this field and that has strong customer reviews as well. You have to choose a very careful supplier. Quality supplier is very important because it offers the best quality elevator which lasts long.

5. How much does it cost to install a vehicle elevator?

There are many different types of car elevators in the market and the price of a car elevator is depend on the type as well. Presently, most people prefer online shopping. They prefer online shopping because of its convenient and easy way to get anything they need. Search engines are the main source through which people will find anything they need. Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, using such search engines people love to find the best eCommerce site, buyer, or seller as well. Using the search engine you can find prefer a website, you can check their products, their other details, and choose the best option. Before selecting a car elevator, you have to check the website, whether they have properly licensed or not!

6. Is it worth getting a vehicle elevator?

As per the quality of a car elevator, it is worth getting. It is a very safe and secure place to park your car or to lift the car. If you wish, you can visit the international trade fair in china. In this trade fair, you will get different types of ideas about the elevator companies, car elevator companies, etc. you can check and select the best company after complete analysis. This will provide you with an idea about the exhibition and you will find some best companies easily. you can visit many countries to check the exhibition.

7. How much weight can the vehicle elevator carry?

Weight capacity is very important while planning a car elevator to install. Most of the Chinese companies who are in these elevator industries offer strong customer care service. They also love to work on deadlines and they will manufacture and install within time. China's manufacturing industry is always ready to provide the best quality customized product and they will dispatch with proper safety measures. They always love to deliver products within time. If you are looking for the best Chinese manufacturing unit that provides quality car elevator service then search online, find the best company, and use it.

8. How to install a vehicle elevator?

The installation of a car elevator needs some basic steps to follow. There is an installation manual and our installation expert team follows the same. The quality of the product is matters. You have to choose a quality elevator which carries any weight car easily. You have to inform the manufacturer and installer what capacity you need for the elevator. As per your car weight, size, length, the car Elevator Company will make a design and then create a proper parameter. Product performance is matters and if you will install the proper product, then it will last long. Before choosing any company always check their previous work sample and then proceed.

9. What are the requirements for the installation environment of vehicle elevators?

It is very important to have the proper space for the car elevator. If you are looking for installing a car lift then you need to have a suitable shaft size, enough height, and the proper depth. Our engineers are very experienced and have the proper knowledge that how to design the best car elevator according to the environment. They will understand the customer's needs very well.

Elevator installation is very important. As per your space and length and width, the installer needs to compare with the car size, and then they will analyze the maximum capacity you need, and then they will start installing. Proper space and minimum space are required for installation. You can’t install a car elevator within 100 square feet because you need a standard space for installing such a car elevator.

10. How to ensure the safety of vehicle elevators?

It is very important to ensure the safety and security of a car elevator. Our experts are very experienced and they are very attentive while the process, specifically the safety process. If there is any safety issue in a vehicle elevator then it may damage vehicles very badly. While the making of the elevator and the time of installation, both time our team experts are very careful about everything. The quality of the product is very important in this case, bad quality product can surely damage the vehicle and the other processes. So to ensure the quality of the car elevator, our experienced team is always here to help you.

There are different types of elevator companies available and they will provide different services. Some companies offer you manufacturing facilities and some only provide installation service or without installation service. If you want to save your money during the installation of a car elevator, you have to find a local installer. There are several local engineers available who are ready to install car elevators at a lower price. Just choose a china based manufacturing company for materials. After dispatch, collect it, hire local engineers team and with small amount they will install a car elevator very simply.

11. How to check the quality of vehicle elevator?

The quality of the vehicle elevator is one of the most important things that you need to check before anything. While the processing of the car elevator our team expert constantly keeps the attention to every factor. And when the product gets ready to deliver then we again check all related parts of the car elevators. And lastly, before leaving the factory our quality expert officer checks out the quality factors again. Besides this, the other parts of the car elevators are also very important. So before leaving the factory and before the installation, both of the time our team expert ensure and check the quality carefully.

Monthly car elevator maintenance is also essential. If you will hire some engineering team local, they can maintain it which helps to run this elevator properly. But if you have a budget problem, then you may choose a manual guidebook which helps you to understand how to maintain it properly and you can maintain it monthly alone. This saves your money. But it’s always better to hire someone who has solid knowledge about the car elevator.

12. How about the after-sales service of the vehicle elevator?

Maintaining a car elevator including all the services should be done properly. Our team experts are ready and trained to keep the car elevator operating. We can give you monthly or weekly service as per the need. Our team members are always ready to help you and guide you in the right direction. After installing the car elevator if there is any problem or for maintenance, we have our after-sale service team to handle the situation very carefully. Our online services are also available 24 × 7. Our car elevator consultant can give you the best advice that what kind of services you need as per your elevator condition. We have our call center assistant, who will help you in any emergency service. You can find various services and fee options here.

13. How do you use a vehicle elevator?

It is very important to know that the uses of the vehicle elevator very well. The intention of using the car elevator is to provide a large area for accessibility. And also can he use for parking the car. There are so many different types of car elevators in the market with different types of features in them. Here are some steps that you need to follow,
• drive the car slowly towards the elevator platform and keep the transmission neutral. Lock all doors and ensure that nobody is left inside the car.
• Then you need to secure the car wheels or the car elevator other parts to the point as per the guide. Here you need to know about your car elevator operation very well.
• after the basic operations confirm it to ensure stability. And also need to be sure that the car is in the proper place. So that it will help during the balancing.

14. Which car models are suitable for vehicle elevators?

There are so many different cars in the market. All normal cars can use the car elevator very easily. Though some car is different in size and weight. But for that, some car elevators can lift those cars also. But normally, the car we used for daily purposes is suitable for car elevators.

15. What services does OTSTEC provide?

OTSTEC provide the best possible service to their customers every time. A car elevator needs proper maintenance to keep the elector in a good condition for a long time. Our company will be able to give you the best maintenance services for your car elevator. On the other hand, our team of installation service is very efficient. The installation process of a car elevator is very important. Our team is very experienced and have the proper knowledge of the work process. After the installation, you may face some problems regarding the car elevator. So here we also have a service team who look after our customer’s problems after the installation is done.
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