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Difference Guide | Geared Elevators And Gearless Traction Elevators

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For every project builders always try to figure our common comparison. And the answer is still unclear. Based on the need, abilities, and affordability, builders will select the best type of elevator all the time. Now, the question is, how to figure out which type of elevator is the best for you? Well, the answer is, you have to enlist all the points and then need to analyze which elevator will be ideal for you! Whether you need a geared elevator or a gearless elevator. In this article, we will try to figure out which one will be the best option for you.

CE Center -

Comparison of geared elevators and gearless traction elevators

Choose the best type of elevator which will be budget-friendly always. Budget plays an important role. For the elevator, you have to check and select the best type of budget as per your need and requirement. Geared and gearless elevators both are important but the difference is, geared less elevator is more trendy than the geared elevator. But both have some pros and cons. Check the following features and try to analyze which one will be best for you. We are always ready to provide our clients best guidance and benefits. Choose the best deal now! 

Wheel standing

Both geared and gearless elevators are traction-type elevators and they have some common features like they have an electric motor above the elevator shaft and rolling steel ropes that pass over a wheel. The main difference is how the wheel stand. For geared traction elevator, you have to place the wheel at the machine room which will stay at the elevator shaft whereas for a gearless traction elevator, the wheel will stand above the cabin and moves with the cabin.

Wheel standing - OTSTEC

The needs of the computer room

The main difference between a geared elevator and a gearless elevator is that’s a machine room. In the case of the geared elevator, the wheel and the electric motor have to place in a machine room which stays above the elevator shaft. But as the wheel will be directly attached to the motor and cabin, there is no importance for the machine room at the gearless elevator. This is the main reason, the gearless elevator is also known as a machine room-less elevator. The computer room is mainly placed above the elevator shaft and it will be considered during the design of the building.

The needs of the computer room-OTSTEC

Energy consumption

Gearless motors can be smaller than geared motors. So, if you will use gearless motors, then it will save energy. Once the motor will be smaller, then the other component will be smaller as well. People always should understand before they select an elevator, what type of elevator will be best ? Whether they need geared vs gearless traction elevator we should know that!

Energy consumption - OTSTEC


The gearless elevator is always offered comfort during moving, accelerating, etc. Gearless traction elevators have an excellent capability of leveling with floors. The geared traction elevator is slightly lacking in comfort. Of course, comfort varies from person to person. You can experience it first, analyze the comfortless and then select whether you will choose geared vs gearless elevator for you.

Comfort - OTSTEC

Capacity issues

Geared traction elevators can travel with up to 152 m per minute speed and a maximum of nearly 75 m height, while gearless traction elevators can speed up to 610 m per minute with max 600 m travel distance. So you can understand now the difference between geared and gearless motor always.

Capacity issues-OTSTEC

Operational efficiency

Both have different types of operational efficiency. You have to choose what type of operational efficiency you need! So, hope now it’s clear for all the builders the difference between geared and gearless traction elevator select the best type of elevator for your building now. 

Operational efficiency - OTSTEC


Whether it is a gearless elevator or a geared elevator, a certain maintenance budget is required. But Most gear systems require more frequent maintenance and inspections to ensure they continue to operate. On the other hand, a gearless system requires only occasional inspection of ropes and pulleys, and no oil changes are required.



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Final conclusion

Analysis of the above requirement and then choose the best type of elevator for you.  Once you will select the best type of elevator, this will help to get the best benefits. Based on your building type, capability, budget, and need, you have to select geared elevator or gearless elevator. To know more details, ask for the quote now! 

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