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Talking about the Development Trend of Elevator Technology

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With the rapid development of China's economy, there are row upon row of high-rise buildings, and the development of elevators has become an inevitable trend and the focus of people's attention. The giant ladder is not only an important equipment in the production process, but also a high-speed transportation equipment that people frequently use and enjoy.

In the future, the elevator industry will develop rapidly mainly in the following aspects: environmental protection technology, energy saving technology, Internet of Things technology, etc.


1. Development of environmental technology.

Today's world clearly recognizes the relationship between survival and development: without environmental protection, there is no survival, and without survival, there is no development at all. The green concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people all over the world, and the green concept is the general trend of elevator development. Some experts predict that "whoever launches green products first and seizes the market will have the initiative in market competition". The main development trends are as follows: continuous improvement of product design, production of environmentally friendly elevators with low energy consumption, low noise, no oil leakage, no water leakage, no electromagnetic interference, and no pollution from hoistway guide rails. Passenger elevator traction adopts nylon synthetic fiber traction rope, steel belt and other non-lubricating oil pollution traction methods. The elevator decoration will use non-environmental polluting materials. Energy feedback technology for the regenerative power generation of the elevator's no-load ascending and full-load descending motors. Installing the elevator will eliminate the need for scaffolding. The elevator parts have no impact on the environment during production and use and the materials are recyclable.


2. Development of energy-saving technology.

The rated power of the elevator traction motor is designed according to the maximum output power of the traction motor under the condition of full load or no load of the car. When the weight of the car and the counterweight are the same, the traction motor only needs to overcome the static pressure friction force on the traction wheel in theory, and its output power does not reach the full load and there is still a margin. On the premise that the power of the motor remains unchanged , when the weight of the sedan chair and the counterweight are consistent, the running speed of the elevator can be increased relatively according to the change of the number of passengers. Compared with the traditional elevator running at rated speed, the use of variable speed technology can properly increase the elevator speed (the original elevator speed can be increased by about 1.6 times). This relatively reduces the waiting and boarding time of passengers, which is also a contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection.

1. Energy feedback technology

The energy feedback technology can convert the regenerative energy generated by the car when it is light-loaded up or full-loaded down, and the kinetic energy generated by the motor braking. Multiple rectification technology converts it into electric energy and feeds it back to the grid for use by other electrical equipment in the same local area network. The performance of Kelong's low-end equipment is also in line with environmental protection. According to this principle, an experimental "hybrid electric elevator" has been developed, which can store the feedback power in a special "battery" for use by other electrical equipment in the power supply network.

2.Single shaft and double car lighting operation technology

In order to improve the efficiency of elevators in high-rise buildings and the utilization of parallel lanes, in recent years, single-shaft dual-car lighting technology has emerged. According to the seat position and operating conditions, it can be divided into three types: super double-deck conjoined sedan, adjustable double-car courtyard linkage and double-car courtyard independent operation.

The working principle of the single shaft double car seat technology is that the intelligent control system monitors the position of the two car seats through sensors in the same shaft to prevent mutual collision, so that they can operate independently and safely. It plays the role of increasing the carrying capacity and realizing energy saving.

3. Purpose layer selection intelligent technology

Efficient operation dispatching of the intelligent shunting mode of passing through the destination floor can effectively improve the operating efficiency of elevators and reduce passengers' waiting time or elevator time.

Destination floor selection intelligent technology is composed of 'group by unit, destination floor selector and low-floor indicator, etc., based on expert system, fuzzy logic and neural network control technology, with dynamic decentralized waiting, peak self-identification, dynamic partition Functions such as service, configurable service layer, optional allocation strategy and timely forecast.

4. Linear motor technology

A new generation of linear motor drive, no traction steel rope elevator, no machine room, counterweight and traction steel rope, has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, no noise, no pollution and 60% power saving.

Therefore, the non-traction steel rope elevator driven by the linear motor may become the development direction of the elevator in high-rise buildings in the future.


3. Development of Internet of Things Technology

The Internet of Things is based on the original Internet, connecting fixed objects through sensors and network technology to form a network of connected objects, so as to achieve the effect of interconnection and interaction.

From the perspective of elevator manufacturers, in the elevators that have applied the Internet of Things technology, a network monitoring platform can be established for all sold elevators, and intelligent monitoring of the operating status of the elevators can be carried out 24 hours a day. In case of an elevator failure or someone is trapped, the elevator emergency system will issue an early warning according to the graded response and record the on-site voice and video information. The location of the elevator, as well as the fault status and level will be locked at the first time, so that the nearest on-call maintenance personnel will be immediately informed to deal with the scene and carry out rescue. Through the recorded on-site information and video and audio materials, we can have a memory of the fault site, so as to have a good basis for accident analysis. Therefore, first of all, it can improve the corporate image and brand, and it can also improve the user Hi the quality of service.

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