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Top 17 Elevator Companies in the Philippines (2024 Update)

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As the Philippines continue to experience rapid urbanization and infrastructural development, the demand for reliable vertical transportation solutions has skyrocketed. Elevators play a crucial role in efficiently moving people and goods within high-rise buildings, ensuring convenience, accessibility, and safety for occupants. In this dynamic landscape, it becomes essential to identify the leading elevator companies that excel in delivering innovative, high-quality products and services.

This article presents a comprehensive list of the top 17 elevator companies in the Philippines, offering a glimpse into their expertise, technological advancements, and commitment to elevating the nation's vertical mobility standards. Whether it's towering skyscrapers or residential complexes, these companies have proven their mettle in meeting the diverse elevator needs of the Philippine market.

Bucket Elevators - Bulk Conveyors Inc

Bulk Conveyors Inc (BCI) is a leading provider of bucket elevators, specializing in manufacturing high-quality equipment that meets the highest industry standards. With a strong emphasis on quality, BCI ensures that their bucket elevators are built to withstand rigorous operational demands and deliver reliable performance.

One of the key factors that sets BCI apart is its unwavering commitment to customer service. They prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide the best service in the industry. Whether answering inquiries, offering technical support, or assisting with installation and maintenance, BCI's dedicated team goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth and seamless customer experience.

BCI takes pride in its state-of-the-art modern equipment, incorporating advanced technologies and engineering expertise. By utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing processes, they create bucket elevators that are not only efficient but also durable, reducing downtime and optimizing productivity for their clients.

With over 200 years of combined experience in the industry, BCI possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in bucket elevator design and production. This vast experience enables them to tailor their solutions to meet each customer's needs and requirements, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

BCI recognizes the importance of spare parts availability for uninterrupted operations. To address this, they maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts, reducing downtime and ensuring timely replacements when needed.

Bulk Conveyors Inc (BCI) - otstec

Custom Industrial Products - Accelerate Material Handling

Custom Industrial Products (CIP) is a trusted material handling solution provider that aims to enhance safety, efficiency, and the bottom line of industrial operations. They offer a wide range of customizable products designed to optimize existing space and streamline material handling processes.

CIP's material handling solutions are geared towards improving safety in the workplace. By implementing their products, companies can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries, creating a secure environment for employees. Whether it's vertical material lifts, VRCs (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors), freight lifts, or material lifts, CIP ensures that their solutions meet stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind for their customers.

Efficiency is a key focus for CIP. Their material handling solutions are designed to optimize space utilization and streamline workflow, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime. With their top-notch VRC and mezzanine solutions, businesses can effectively utilize vertical space and enhance the efficiency of material movement within their facilities.

CIP takes pride in offering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Their products are built to last and deliver unmatched reliability, ensuring long-term performance and durability. By investing in CIP's material handling solutions, companies can achieve significant cost savings, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

Whether it's lifting heavy loads, transporting materials between different levels, or optimizing space utilization, CIP provides a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to diverse industrial requirements. Their expertise in vertical material lifts, VRCs, freight lifts, and material lifts allows them to tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Custom Industrial Products (CIP) - otstec

Unitec Parts Company - Otis OEM Certified Parts

Unitec Parts Company is a trusted provider of Otis OEM-certified parts for elevators and escalators. With a global network of elevator and escalator experts, Unitec Parts Company is well-equipped to serve customers' needs worldwide. They specialize in sourcing and supplying replacement parts for any elevator or escalator, ensuring that maintenance and repair processes are seamless and efficient.

One of the key advantages of partnering with Unitec Parts Company is their white glove service. They prioritize customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to provide exceptional service. Their team of experts is readily available to assist customers in finding and ordering the right replacement parts for their specific elevator or escalator models. Their knowledge and expertise ensure that customers receive the highest quality OEM-certified parts, guaranteeing optimal performance and compatibility.

Unitec Parts Company understands the importance of service upgrades and offers a range of solutions to enhance the functionality and reliability of elevator and escalator systems. Whether it's hydraulic power units or other service enhancements, they provide options to improve performance and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

To facilitate easy access to information, Unitec Parts Company offers a variety of resources, including brochures, parts identification guides, catalogs, and posters. These resources assist customers in identifying the required parts and making informed decisions about their maintenance and repair needs.

Unitec Parts Company - otstec

Residential Elevators - Home Elevators Save Thousands

Residential Elevators provides home elevators that offer convenience and accessibility within residential settings. Their elevators are designed to make accessing all areas of the home easy and hassle-free, with the option of exterior access available for added flexibility.

One of the notable features of Residential Elevators' products is their association with the Easy Climber Stair Lift, a trusted brand in the industry. Leveraging their expertise and experience, Residential Elevators brings the same level of quality and innovation to their home elevator offerings. Homeowners can enjoy better value and easier access throughout their homes by choosing a Residential Elevator.

The home elevators provided by Residential Elevators are designed to be simple, safe, and easy to use. They prioritize user-friendly features and ensure their elevators meet the highest safety standards. With convenient controls and smooth operation, homeowners can navigate between different levels of their homes effortlessly.

Safety is of utmost importance, and Residential Elevators' products are powered by batteries, offering a reliable and secure operation even during power outages. This feature provides peace of mind and ensures uninterrupted functionality of the elevators.

Residential Elevators - otstec

Asia PTS Elevator Inc.

Asia PTS Elevator Inc. is a corporation founded by elevator professionals from the Philippines, Taiwan, and Singapore. Established in June 2006, their primary objective is to deliver high-quality services to the elevator industry. They specialize in offering a comprehensive range of services for various types and elevator brands in the philippines.

One of the core services Asia PTS Elevator Inc. provides is the supply and installation of elevators and escalators. They work with reputable brands such as KOYO, VM Elevator, and Sankyo Elevator/Escalator, ensuring the installation of reliable and efficient vertical transportation systems.

The company also focuses on preventive maintenance for elevators and escalators of any brand. By implementing regular maintenance programs, Asia PTS Elevator Inc. helps extend the equipment's lifespan, enhance performance, and minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions.

Asia PTS Elevator Inc. also offers modernization and upgrading services for existing elevator systems. Through modernization, they bring older elevators up to date with the latest technologies, improving safety, energy efficiency, and overall performance.

In the realm of repair and troubleshooting, Asia PTS Elevator Inc. provides expert solutions to address any issues that arise with elevators or escalators. Their experienced technicians are skilled in diagnosing problems and implementing timely and effective repairs.

Asia PTS Elevator Inc. - otstec

HD Homelift Solutions


HD Homelift Solutions Corp. is a company that specializes in providing home elevators and platform lifts in the Philippines. Their mission is centered around enhancing the quality of living by innovating and delivering the best value for customers' money while addressing their accessibility needs.

The company focuses on offering specially-made lifts from the Aritco factory in Sweden, known for its expertise in manufacturing high-quality elevators. These lifts are designed to fit seamlessly into homes, ensuring comfort, functionality, and appealing design aesthetics.

HD Homelift Solutions Corp. understands the importance of accessibility within residential spaces. By providing home elevators and platform lifts, they aim to enable individuals with mobility challenges or those seeking convenience to navigate their homes effortlessly.

Their range of lifts is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of residential settings. Whether installing a home elevator for multi-floor accessibility or a platform lift for easier movement within the home, HD Homelift Solutions Corp. offers solutions that enhance the overall living experience.

By sourcing lifts from the Aritco factory in Sweden, HD Homelift Solutions Corp. ensures its customers receive reliable and durable products. These lifts are functional and focus on design, complementing the home's aesthetics.

HD Homelift Solutions - otstec

Kone MonoSpace 300 ® DX

The Kone MonoSpace 300® DX is a highly versatile machine room-less passenger elevator with proven technology. This innovative solution provides a smooth and seamless ride experience, free from jerks, noise, odors, and vibrations. It prioritizes safety and reliability, ensuring passengers can travel with peace of mind.

Kone, a renowned industry leader, offers tailored services and expert advice in optimizing people flow within buildings. The MonoSpace 300® DX is part of their smart building solutions, which aim to enhance efficiency, convenience, and sustainability.

This elevator suits various applications, including low-rise buildings, affordable projects, small office spaces, and churches. Its adaptability makes it versatile for different environments, accommodating various architectural requirements and passenger needs.

The Kone MonoSpace 300® DX represents Kone's commitment to delivering world-class elevators that combine cutting-edge technology with user-centric design. It is designed to meet the demands of modern buildings, where efficiency, space optimization, and user experience are paramount.

Kone MonoSpace 300 ® DX - otstec

Cibes Lift Philippines

Cibes Lift Philippines is part of the Cibes Lift Group, a prominent company in the elevator industry with subsidiaries in 11 countries. With a global network of 200 distributors, Cibes Lift Group has delivered top-quality home elevators to over 50 countries, establishing itself as a leading lift company in the Philippines.

The expansion of Cibes Lift Group's subsidiaries began in 2013 and continued until 2015. New subsidiaries were established in Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Norway, China, Spain, and France during this period. These strategic locations were chosen based on their significant market potential, allowing Cibes Lift Group to tap into new regions and serve a wider customer base.

Cibes Lift Group's direct sales operations are further strengthened by an extensive network of distributors spanning 50 countries. This distribution network ensures Cibes Lift Group's products reach customers globally. By collaborating with trusted distributors, Cibes Lift Group extends its reach and provides localized support to customers in various markets.

As a leading lift company in the Philippines, Cibes Lift Philippines leverages the expertise and reputation of the Cibes Lift Group to offer high-quality home elevators. Their focus on residential elevators demonstrates a commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for homeowners in the Philippines.

Cibes Lift Philippines - otstec

Nippon Elevator

Nippon Elevator, a subsidiary of Nippon Lift Industry Sdn Bhd, is a well-established elevator company philippines with its corporate head office located in Penang, Malaysia. With a global reach, Nippon Elevator serves customers from various parts of the world, delivering high-quality elevator solutions. Their elevators have been installed in over 10 countries, and they have successfully catered to the needs of more than 100 customers worldwide.

One of Nippon Elevator's key strengths lies in its focus on providing customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers or architects. They understand that different projects require unique elevator solutions, whether designer lifts for luxury brand stores, standard lifts, escalators for commercial buildings, or home lifts for residential houses. Customers can rely on Nippon Elevator to deliver the best-suited solution regardless of the project scope or requirements.

The company prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to provide tailored solutions that meet individual project needs. Their team of experts collaborates closely with customers and architects to understand their requirements and offer personalized recommendations and designs.

Nippon Elevator - otstec

Acoolyukon Industrial Sales

Acoolyukon Industrial Sales is an elevator supplier Philippines that provides a wide range of elevator and escalator parts. They cater to the needs of the elevator industry by offering various components and spare parts for elevators and escalators. In addition to their elevator and escalator supplies, Acoolyukon Industrial Sales also provide packaging materials, including brown paper bags and plastic bags. They further expand their product offerings to include construction materials catering to the needs of the construction industry. With its diverse range of products, Acoolyukon Industrial Sales aim to meet the requirements of its customers in multiple sectors.

Acoolyukon Industrial Sales - otstec

Lifter Systems, Inc

Lifter Systems, Inc. (LSI) was incorporated on January 17, 2001, specializing in lift and escalator equipment sales and services. Initially focused on selling parts for various elevator and escalator brands, LSI has since expanded its operations to include marketing, sales, installation, and maintenance of this equipment.

With a track record of selling over 400 units throughout the Philippines, LSI continues to grow and prioritize the safety of its clients' investments. They carefully select and carry reputable brands to ensure the reliability and security of the equipment they provide.

LSI's expertise extends to maintenance, rehabilitation, comprehensive inspection, modernization, and the supply of high-quality parts for different lift and escalator brands in the industry. Additionally, they supply, install, and maintain car parking systems, PWD lift systems (stair and platform lifts), and other lifting equipment like lead rail lifts, scissor lifts, and cranes.

 At LSI, passenger safety is paramount, reflecting their commitment to delivering secure and reliable vertical transportation solutions.

Lifter Systems, Inc - otstec

Unity Express Industrial Corporation

Unity Express Industrial Corporation, established in 1997, is a prominent company specializing in building systems. They offer a wide range of products, including mechanical parking equipment (MPE), elevators for various types of buildings, escalators, building maintenance units (BMU), stair lifts, dumbwaiters, and aerial work platforms. With its extensive product portfolio, Unity Express Industrial Corporation caters to the diverse needs of the construction and building industry. Their expertise lies in providing efficient and reliable solutions for vertical transportation, parking systems, building maintenance, and accessibility. As a leading company in the field, they are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to their customers.

Unity Express Industrial Corporation - otstec


Rockspeed Elevator and Escalator Corporation is a company that serves as the exclusive distributor of the FUJI elevator brands philippines. Authorized by Fuji Elevator (Asia) Ltd., Rockspeed has been operating for the past 7 years, offering high-quality products and services in the Philippine market.

Their expertise lies in providing elevators and escalators that meet international standards and cater to the diverse needs of their customers. With their partnership with Fuji Elevator, Rockspeed ensures the delivery of reliable and top-notch elevator solutions, backed by their years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction in the Philippines.

Rockspeed elevator - otstec

ESP. Inc

ESP stands for Elevator Systems Professionals and is a trusted choice for elevator system design, modernization, and maintenance in Central Canada. With a team of experienced industry experts, including field engineers from major manufacturers, ESP offers on-site maintenance and ongoing management of equipment from all leading elevator manufacturer philippines.

ESP takes pride in its employees, who are all EDM-A certified and possess decades of real-world experience in the industry. This expertise ensures that your elevator systems will operate reliably and as promised, both now and in the future.

What sets ESP apart is their commitment to customer education. When you request a quote from ESP, they go beyond providing a number. They take the time to educate clients, sharing their knowledge and insights, enabling customers to make informed decisions about their long-term elevator needs. This approach ensures clients invest in the right equipment, upgrades, or maintenance contracts tailored to their specific requirements.

ESP. Inc - otstec

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is a global leader in providing energy and information solutions worldwide. Their wide range of services and excise encompasses manufacturing underground and submarine cables and power transmission and distribution systems. They alsolow-voltagedium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure sectors. In addition, Prysmian Group offers an extensive portfolio of optical fibers, copper cables, and connectivity systems for voice, video, and data transmission in the telecommunications industry. With their comprehensive range of products, Prysmian Group plays a vital role in enabling the efficient flow of energy and iocean's depths of the ocean to the tallest buildings worldwide.

Prysmian Group - otstec

Tiger Machinery and Industrial Corporation

Tiger Machinery and Industrial Corporation, established in 1975 by Carlito Ang, began as a metal components trading company and has since evolved into a formidable integrated service providFromustry. From Mr. Ang's home, Tiger Machinery focused on manufacturing metal replacement parts for the Philippine heavy industry sector.

Driven by its rapid growth, Tiger Machinery expanded its operations and relocated to a new 10,000-square-meter factory and office space to accommodate its products and personnel. Recognizing the need to meet the growing demands of its customers, the company further expanded its facilities by an additional 8,000 square meters, ensuring improved response time.

Today, Tiger Machinery boasts five integrated departments, including Machine Shop, Fabrication Shop, Foundry, Thermal Spray, and Trading, which collectively elevate the company above its competitors. Their aggressive and fearless approach to business led Tiger Machinery to achieve a prominent position within the top 3000 Philippine companies by 1994. With exponential annual sales growth, estimated at around US$ 10 million, the company has consistently demonstrated its prowess in the industry.

Poised for further advancement, Tiger Machinery has expanded its reach beyond the Philippines. It now exports its high-quality casting and fabrication products to countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia, and other neighboring ASEAN countries. This expansion into international markets showcases Tiger Machinery's commitment to providing top-notch products and services beyond its home country, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.

Tiger Machinery and Industrial Corporation - otstec


OTSTEC is a reputable elevator production company based in China that compete list of elevator companies in the philippines. With its headquarters in China, OTSTEC has established a strong presence in various regions, including the Philippines, through its extensive network of distributors and partners. They offer a diverse range of elevator products catering to different needs, such as passenger, home, and escalators. For individuals or businesses interested in elevator solutions, OTSTEC's website provides comprehensive product information, enabling customers to explore its offerings and make informed decisions. OTSTEC's commitment to quality and variety positions them as a reliable choice for elevator solutions in the market.


These 17 top elevator companies in the Philippines offer a range of advantages and distinctive products. With different brands to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your specific requirements. Each company has unique offerings, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your elevator needs. For more information on each company and its products, you should visit their official websites to access detailed information and make an informed decision. Explore the options available and find the ideal elevator brands Philippines that meet your expectations.

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